When They Say “Respect Your Elders,” Don’t Apply It to Boomers

John Chrysostomos
Daily Stormer
April 6, 2018

People of a certain generation will undoubtedly remember having the mantra “respect your elders” drilled into them, but is it true any more?

The average old person we’re likely to come across these days will be Baby Boomers, and let’s just say they’re persona non grata around these parts.

Based Boomers are rare.

The Greatest Generation survived the Great Depression, they also willingly fought in the sad brother war of World War II (but only because they were fed lies). They engaged in actions not for material gain but because it was the “right thing to do.” They also left to their posterity what they themselves had inherited.

Silent but not without a sense of humor

Next came the Silent Generation; these people are also worthy of our respect. Although they didn’t fight in a major, planet altering war, at the same time they didn’t engage in activism, preferring to focus on their careers and embrace social conformity. They didn’t rock the boat, in other words, and left a fair share of what they inherited to their offspring, the rapacious locusts known as the Baby Boomers.

The Boomers are the real “me” generation. They engaged in non-stop activism in the 60s, from feminism to “civil rights,” hence they are directly responsible for much of the plight of the Western world. They threw open the gates to our countries and let in the unwashed masses from the third world, just because during the hysterical 60s they got high off the Marxist fumes emanating from their (((lecturers))) and (((professors))). Boomers, in effect, took the cumulative wealth (both material and cultural) of whites accrued over the course of thousands of years and blew it all in one generation.

But that wasn’t enough. They also saddled their children and grandchildren with their ever growing debt which we will never be able to pay off.

Now they’ve gone off to die rich in Florida condos.

Every generation since the boomers has had to compete with diversity quotas and people from the third world whose ancestors contributed nothing to any white society. They are allowed to settle in the West and then are given first dibs for all the best jobs.

Gee, I wonder why birth rates for whites are declining so rapidly?

Not all Boomers are bad of course:

But it’s a small minority that is reasonable, with much more overeager to show their “tolerant” credentials and humor the mentally deranged:

Respecting your older citizens was something all whites did, but their elders actually deserved it. Do boomers deserve anything other than contempt? I’m not saying to gas the boomers/age war now, just treat them like any other person your age since they refuse to grow up.

Understand that there is probably nothing at all you can learn from them, and don’t take any “advice” they offer you very seriously. In fact, most of the advice they give is fine if you just pretend they mean the opposite of whatever it is they say.