When is the First Moslem Female Congressman Going to Start Killing Jews?

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 7, 2018

Like everyone, I hate that so many sickening whores are now in the United States Congress.

I also hate all of these sickening brown people, who have invaded our country and are now taking over our government.

However, these is one brown whore I am really excited about: Ilhan Omar of Swedesota.

I’m excited about her win for one reason and one reason only: she has pledged to start exterminating the Jews.

It’s time for Allah to awaken and begin the slaughter, dear sister.

You need to fulfill your campaign promises and introduce your promised “gas the kikes” bill, immediately.

We do not have time to waste.

We need to build these gas chambers yesterday, and we need to start filling them up last week.

Get on it, Ilhan.

Do it now.

Don’t go to the dentist first.

Get the gas chambers built, then start thinking about how fucked up your sick teeth are.

Then and only then you can wrap my hijab.