When Black People Go to Walmart

When black people go to Walmart, they really GO TO Walmart, if you know what I’m saying.

If you don’t know what I’m saying, just watch this video.

The only funny part of the video is when the camera pans to this fat little Mexican goblin woman and stops for like two seconds with her just looking at the wild screeching dolphin Africans.

I just keep thinking to myself “what is going through her head?” The answer I keep coming up with is: “hm.”

Seriously, what do Mexicans think about when they’re going around?

I have no idea.

We know what blacks think about, because we’ve heard enough of them do narration when they’re going around. It’s all, “yeah, ok. we be botta be go up in here, see what’s crackin. this nigga over here be all like, he be thinkin somethin. nigga be lookin at me, this nigga betta watch hisself. he goin over there. okay. we be botta go up in here, see what they got goin on.”

It’s very movement and environment related, the black thought process. The Mexicans though almost look blank. Maybe there is some R&B song just playing on repeat in their heads.

I don’t really understand the direction this is all headed in.