WhatsApp and iMessage Turning Over User Data to FBI Every 15 Minutes

If we don’t track the goyim, they could do terrorism or spread a virus or something.

The key agenda is to monitor everything the goyim do.


An internal FBI report reveals how WhatsApp and iMessage happily hand over users’ data to the Feds, sometimes providing the source and destination of messages every 15 minutes.

The sensitive Federal Bureau of Investigation paper, unearthed by the transparency group Property of the People, spells out in concise yet shocking detail the Bureau’s ability to secure messaging app content and associated metadata via warrants and subpoenas – and shows that WhatsApp and Apple’s iMessage turn over the most information to authorities.

Dated January 7, 2021, and prepared by the FBI’s Science and Technology Branch and Operational Technology Division, it lists a number of popular messaging apps, the methods by which information can be extracted from them, and what data can be secured by investigators.

The file notes that a subpoena submitted to WhatsApp owner Meta delivers “basic” user records, a court order gives “information like blocked users,” and a search warrant provides “address book contacts and WhatsApp users” whohave the “target” saved as a contact. A surveillance request known as a “pen register” will result in WhatsApp providing the FBI with the source and destination of a user’s messages every 15 minutes.

The actual content apparently won’t be disclosed – although even without access to messages themselves, knowing who has been texting who, and when, is still highly revealing, and could be crucial in identifying the source of leaked information within an organization, for example.

In any event, WhatsApp messages can be accessed by the Bureau if that user is using an iPhone and has enabled iCloud backups. This is facilitated by Apple maintaining a policy of turning over iCloud encryption keys in response to FBI warrants, which also grant the agency access to iMessages. Data requests filed under 18 US Code § 2703 turn up “25 days of iMessage lookups to and from a target number.”

Nonetheless, WhatsApp is the only messaging platform listed that offers close-to real-time disclosure of data – the guide, presumably with some chagrin, records how the slow pace with which other apps provide information “may impact investigations due to delivery delays.”

Comparatively, the amount of data that can be accessed from other messaging apps is trifling. For instance, investigators can access certain information on users of Signal – much-vaunted by privacy advocates despite being developed with US government funding – including the date and time a user registered, and the last time they were active on the app. Telegram’s strict policy of not cooperating with court orders, apart from “confirmed terrorist investigations,” in which the app may disclose IP addresses and phone numbers to relevant authorities, is also noted.

What a coincidence that white people who love America are considered a domestic terrorist organization.

Honestly, there is an “upside” here: the people doing the monitoring are a bunch of morons.

Intelligence correlates to morality, more or less 100% – except with the Jews.

But there aren’t that many Jews.