What’s Your Game, Watson?

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 10, 2015

As the regular reader is aware, Infowars.com editor Paul Joseph Watson blocked me on Twitter for asking him why Alex Jones was attempting to bury all memory of the David Duke interview he did.

I asked:

And received:


I wrote an article about being blocked for asking this question.

Watson then went on to say he “welcomes attacks” from people of all races, “welcomes attacks” in this context apparently meaning “blocks for asking uncomfortable questions.”

He then claimed he didn’t know that I had asked a question.

When the question was repeated to him again, he just didn’t respond.

Obviously, Alex Jones attempted to memory hole the Duke incident because it related to Jews.

Along with running infowars.com, which mainly focuses on tinfoil conspiracy gibberish, Watson has been involved with a crowd that is anti-SJWs. He posts on Twitter and makes videos attempting to co-opt our narrative, in the same way that Gavin McCuck has been doing.

He has talked about feminism, Black crime, trannies, immigration and so on – things that we here at the Daily Stormer call “symptoms of the disease.”

But like McCuck, he has attempted to avoid the disease itself, which is the Christ-killing Jew parasite.

Have to use incognito mode to view the cuck's tweets, lol
Have to use incognito mode to view the cuck’s tweets, lol

Then, all of the sudden, this:

This video not only shows the “migrant” invasion of Europe in all its brutality, but it also shows the Jews behind it. It even includes the infamous Barbara Spectre clip at the end.

But then he says “Here lies free Europe 1945-2015. RIP.” indicating that he believes Europe was freed from evil Nazis by freedom-fighting communists and their allies.

So what type of gibberish is this?

The game appears to be: come as close to real nationalists as possible while making sure not to mention Jews. This video does mentions Jews – actually blames Jews – but then he attaches that Hitler is evil.

There is no way, in this day and age, that anyone who cares about the truth can actually believe that Hitler was evil or that Jews are not responsible for all problems. Anyone who tells you that something other than Jews are the problem, or that Hitler was anything other than a heroic fighter for truth, justice and freedom, is lying to you.

I Shall Not Tolerate a Single Cucking

I don’t know what it means that Watson posted this video. But I know Jones won’t tolerate speaking of the Jew menace.

Gavin McInnes is supporting Jew-Israel, claiming that I am a Chinese agent of the Canadian secret service.

I have no interest in these faggots.

There is a line and the line is Jews. McInnes has made it clear he will shill until his dying day. Maybe Watson is signaling switching sides, as pressure mounts against him over his shilling.

I don’t know.

I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Feel free to question Watson on his posting of the anti-Jew video @PrisonPlanet.