What’s the Next Step in the War Against Nature?

Morgoth’s Review
July 7, 2015


In the aftermath of the recent homosexual victory over traditional marriage in America I came across a YouTube video from Gay Marxist Owen Jones. The issue was that the homosexual movement had been hijacked by Big Business, what struck me, initially, was just how disgusting and freakish these people actually are, everything about them is abhorrent and weird, distasteful. But why? what exactly is it?The beating heart of Liberalism, its inner core, its appeal, is the freeing of the individual from all and every form of perceived bondage, within this everything can be classed as ”oppression” so there is no logical conclusion to the project, once one barrier has been smashed down there will always be another, then another.

After Gay Marriage what next? lines such as ”can I marry my hamster?” are perfectly valid. What will be next is up for grabs, will it be sex with children? will it be ”Trans-Racialism” or perhaps bestiality. Under normal circumstances these perversions and abnormalities would be rooted out of a society. Consider this kind of behavior in an Eskimo village or a remote Mongol settlement on the steppe, these abominations would be cast out and left to starve to death, what keeps them going beyond the mind benders in the media and the universities, what feeds them and clothes them and houses them and encourages them, is modernity, central heating, packaged food, mass transport and instant communications.

A homosexual man dancing around in leather shorts while wearing a gas mask and an adult diaper, dedicated to scrambling his own genetic code and sexuality is a logical conclusion to the plastic reality they inhabit.


When the Liberal claims to be freeing the individual from the ”chains” of traditional society they are doing so based on an assumption that the natural state of man is that of a rootless and disconnected mote of dust, a being free from anything and everything that can root it and nurture and cherish it.

The unfettered individual is then free, but free to do what? and to be what? this is not the life of a human, or even a mammal, it is the life of a reptile. The crazy conspiracy crowd were wrong, the world elites are very human, it is humans they want to become ”Reptilians”. Having ”Liberated” itself from religion and family and healthy sexuality and an ethnic identity and a place and a gender, the Progressive Reptile then has to figure out what it is supposed to do with itself, and their answer is, obsess over itself and create more atomized obscenities like it , more atomized and lonely freaks raging against their Dr Frankenstein Globalist creators, unaware of the real nature and reason for their existence. Until the Jews tire of running politics and the media, or until the oil runs dry or the usurious banking system collapses, the project of erasing human identity and installing a One World Government isn’t likely to come to a halt any time soon. A hundred years ago the site of a white man and an African man kissing to roars of approval would have seemed as alien to people as a woman married to a pig is now, yet it happened.


NASA recently changed its flag to represent the New World Order, farcically, because reducing humanity to a blended genetic soup removes any possibility of mankind travelling further into the Cosmos. However, if it were possible and ”we” came across an advanced alien civilization they would probably take a look at the Liberal threat to their identity and likely destroy the earth as an act of self defense.

Having already leveled all barriers and all identities on earth it would then fall to other species to maintain order against the Liberal Borg.