What Would a Fourth Political Theory Look Like?

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
August 15, 2018

A quick recap for the more casual political observer: there are generally considered three political theories out there.

The first is the oldest and the most successful – liberal bourgeois democracy.

The second is pretty controversial – communism.

And the third is considered evil incarnate – fascism.

This is a simplification – you have a lot of fancy terms and designations out there that go beyond these three systems. I don’t know them all, but whenever you hear a lefty college kid being interviewed by journalists at one street protest or another, they always pull one of those, “akshully” moments and come up with these hyper-specific definitions of what they are.

Maoist-Collectivist, or Anarcho-Trotskyist or some other goofy sounding shit.

Perhaps most famously, the Russian mystic/historian Alexander Dugin wrote what he called, “The Fourth Political Theory.”

But most people simply aren’t capable of reading through the dense and wandering book. I know. I tried. But I failed. It was hard to follow. And from what I understand, few people are like, “yeah, he totally came up with a viable fourth position.”

From what I understand, he cops out and instead talks about how the further east you go, the wilder and less degraded the people are. Borrowing some of their wild, primordial spirit is the only way to save our decayed, decadent and materialistic Western soul, which only cares about shopping and fornication.

Funny enough, it’s been tried before.

During the Russian Civil War, Roman von Ungern-Sternberg, a Prussian White Army officer, went to Mongolia where he raised a new Golden Horde to fight the Reds. He was seen as more demon or god than man. All sorts of myths swirled around him. The Dalai Lama named him the reincarnation of the God of War. If he had succeeded, he probably would have been a new Genghis Khan – who I believe was probably achshully huwhyte, but that’s another story.

Looks huwhyte to me.

Anyways, the Mad Baron certainly embodied an old world sort of mysticism mixed with Eastern shamanism and Buddhism.

And I think that’s pretty much what Dugin wants and what he likes to talk about in his confusing tracts. But as many correctly point out, Dugin’s not really into the whole race realism thing.

In fact, a lot of these esoteric “right-wing” writers like Guenon and Evola and even Spengler weren’t really into race realism like we are. They were more concerned about “spirit” and “soul” – which is not to say that they were race-blind liberals, because they were not – only, I suppose, that they didn’t feel the need to talk about race because it was generally understood at that time that race existed and no one really questioned that. It would be like asking a fish to write books about water.

Besides, racial studies and the study of IQ and that sort of empirical research was seen as materialistic and reductionist and bourgeois. 

Basically, it was stuff that only a member of the Striver upper-middle class would think about. Something only a poindexter professor or money-grubbing doctor would care about. They were concerned with matters of the spirit and the soul which was something else entirely, higher and more aristocratic as well. They didn’t have time to get bogged down in statistics and racial IQ scores, you see.

So basically, Dugin, who spent a lot of time rooting around in secret libraries of forbidden literature kept by the GRU or the KBG – I forget how the legend goes – was influenced by these guys, with their talk of soul and magic and high-level philosophy.

The “Fourth Political Theory” as it stands now is basically about reintroducing magic to politics to find purpose again.

And as cool as that sounds, I think that it’s not really what we need atm.

I propose something much simpler – that we stop looking to the heavens and outside ourselves. That we look inward instead. Deep down. To the molecular level. There we will find God – hidden away in the double-helix. Deus ex Genetica. And from there we will build outward.

With Roy’s True Fourth Theory, the great economic and political questions will be solved on day one.

Instead of arguing about whether Socialism or Capitalism is a better method or organizing our society, we will simply look at who we are talking about on a genetic level instead. We will understand that Germans are law-abiding, conformist and collectivist by nature. Through centuries of breeding. So, naturally, they will naturally be drawn towards more Socialistic forms of government and that’s what’s natural and right for them to do. Hell, I believe Marx may have been correct all along in predicting that Germany had the potential to be the first truly Communist society – it’s a shame that he didn’t predict mass Third World migration as a tool of the Capitalists to lower wages and bargaining power and stave off the handover of power to the proletariat that he thought was an inevitability…

Wrong Marx

But w/e.

Looking at the Italians, we will realize that they’re more in-group oriented, and therefore more nepotistic.

Corruption and graft will always be more of a problem down south as a result. And knowing that, it would be prudent to avoid any ambitious wealth-sharing plans with a population that naturally gravitates towards clannish behavior. This is neither good nor bad. Sure, IQ will be lower and society will function less efficiently… but at the same time, people will have safety nets in the form of extended families, and individuals will generally lead less atomized and neurotic lives.

Anglos are more individualistic and seem drawn towards Capitalism. I say, let them have it.

There’s no need to argue in universal terms anymore. Certainly not with Roy’s Great Political Theory to End All Theories. Just like everyone has a psychiatrist now who sits them down and psychoanalyzes them, so too will nations have their own team of shrinks, sitting them down and figuring out what they’re genetically predisposed towards doing.

All this is to say that I think the whole Capitalism vs Socialism vs Capitalism vs whatever debate is stupid at this point.

The real debate that will end up changing the course of human history will be whether we can grapple with and accept the implications of genetic science. Whether people, society and the cognitive elite running nations will accept race realism, and begin thinking in terms of genetic predetermination or not.

Politics needs to simply become the extension of genetics… and then everything will fall into place.