What Will a City Without Police Look Like? A Paradise, My Friends… Come with Me on a Magic Carpet Ride

Normally, if you wanted to dive into a sociological theory, you would go somewhere other than the New York Post.

However, the communist idea of “abolish the police” is so moronic and babylike that anything more in-depth than a NYP article on the subject is simply going to make you nauseous.

So, let’s take a look at the Post’s rundown of what the blacks and communists think a world without police will look like…

Social workers and religious leaders would replace officers on the street — and there would be no crimes such as stealing because the community workers would do such a good job helping everyone, fueled by money redirected from local police departments, advocates claim.

“Right now, cops don’t just respond to violent crimes; they make needless traffic stops, arrest petty drug users, and engage in a wide range of ‘broken windows policing’ behaviors that only serve to keep more people under the thumb of the criminal-justice system,” reads the Web site for the Minneapolis community coalition MPD150.

The group — whose name refers to the Minneapolis Police Department and the organization’s “150 year performance review’’ of the cop agency in 2017 — has been calling for the MPD to be dismantled.

The Minneapolis City Council — amid anti-police-brutality protests that have spread across the globe — voted Sunday to disband the police department.

That really happened, by the way. In real life.

Just so you understand.

Now, instead of cops — a.k.a. “strangers armed with guns” — mental-health providers, social workers, religious leaders and victim advocates could keep law and order, the MPD150 says.

The activists insist that if there was enough money put into the changeover, society could then become a “place where people don’t need to rob banks.”

Still, a small “specialized class of public servants” to fight crime might be necessary to fight some crime that slips through the cracks, they acknowledge.

Ah yes, but of course… the old crack-slippers… who I imagine are probably going to be white people…

A contributor to the group told NPR last month that people are finally realizing that the only way forward is in a “city without police.

I mean, we have thousands of years of history that proves that you can, right?” group contributor Tony Williams said. “The first police department in the US was established in 1838. So policing has existed in America for less time than chattel slavery existed in America.”

Details can be worked out later, he added.

We don’t have time to obviously dive into the complexity and the nuance of what a police-free society looks like, but it’s largely about using public-health approaches and getting people resources to meet people’s needs,” Williams said.

Opal Tometi, one of the community organizers who started Black Lives Matter in 2013, told the New Yorker last week that policing in American was “founded as a slave patrol.

“People recognize that. So their frustration is absolutely about the policing and the criminal-justice [system at] large and the racial dimensions of it and its lethal impact on our communities,’’ she said.

“What we concluded is that we need social workers,” Tometi said.

“We need those resources to go out to social workers and educators. We need it to go to our schools. We would love to have mental-health professionals when we have certain crises in our communities.”

In New York, Gov. Andrew Cuomo has said he is opposed to dismantling police departments, citing looting amid Floyd unrest as just one reason cops are needed.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has said he will at least take some funding from the Police Department to pay for more social services for youth.

Some criminal-justice experts told The Post on Monday that the idea of doing away with police departments is crazy.

“No matter how civil of a society there is — whether it is Sweden, Australia or the US — we have legitimate crimes,’’ said Maria Haberfeld, a police-science professor at John Jay College in Manhattan.

People are beating up their spouses, murdering children. … Who are they going to send to a bank robbery — social workers?” she said of police-less communities.


“I am the first one to say that police officers should not be responding to everything and everybody or to every issue in society,’’ she said. But “there is so much rhetoric out there.

“There are best practices out there that we can pull from, but not politics and personal opinions.”

I don’t know about you, but I personally hope the police are abolished so I can rape women.

You probably think I’m joking about this. But of course, I am not joking, and I actually will *not* commit many, many rapes every day and steal Jewish diamonds when the cops are abolished.

But I think you see the point – without cops, anyone can do whatever they want.

But Seriously Though

This is the most baby-tier retard nonsense, “abolish the cops and crime will stop.”

This is why communism failed so, so many times – because it’s stupid, on the face of it, and anyone who takes it seriously is either the lowest of pleb filth, or they are just pretending to take it seriously because they have malicious intentions.

Just try to imagine someone believing that removing the cops would cause crime to *drop*. That is the kind of person you are dealing with when you talk to a communist.

This website about abolishing the cops is literally just a bunch of poorly drawn cartoons.

I’m not joking. It is literally a site for elementary school children.

Or black people.

Or communists.

Of course, in the purest of theoretical discussions, I would be in support of abolishing the police if they could be replaced by a citizens’ militia.

But you see that they “admit” that there will still be “some situations” where they will need cops – those “some situations” that they’re talking about are white people trying to restore order by forming militias. They will leave a small group of cops to prevent whites from establishing order. Therefore, the purpose of the cops will be to enforce chaos, rather than order.

So to be clear: what they are actually talking about is not “abolishing the police.” What they are talking about is stopping the police from enforcing the law against drug addicts and black people. The cops will still very much exist.

What this does is allow blacks and drug addicts to terrorize white people on behalf of the state. That’s what we’re talking about here.

I don’t know if this is actually going to happen, but it probably will in a few places.