What The West Needs: Male Leadership

Markos Power
Purpose To Power
December 23, 2016

It’s become obviously apparent to me lately that many young (and older) men haven’t a clue as to how to interact with members of the opposite sex. More importantly, that the Men of the West have forgotten how to be men.

There is so much bad information and propaganda out there that this is understandable. Our schools, Hollywood, and the Corporate Media have tried to hold down and insult our boys and men, in favor of feminine behavior and female leadership (Star Wars Force Awakens).

On that note, I will touch on something very important.

The West Is In Dire Need Of Male Leadership

True leadership: Men in skirts protesting the rapes in Europe. How else would you stop the rapes?

The current state of affairs in the West is one of weakness.

Conformity, ‘Tolerance‘, “let’s all just get along”, and not hurting other people’s feelings are all feminine traits. These traits serve our women well in a homogeneous society, where cooperating or not can be the difference between life and death. These are good and useful traits.

But in today’s multicultural globalist society, where women and weak men have taken the reigns, these traits will be the death of us all.

These traits are what currently shape and direct the West. You could say that ‘tolerance’, ‘acceptance’,’non-judgement’, and ‘love’ is what directs the Western moral compass. (Of course, none of these apply to people of European descent and are actually used as a weapon against them. These are empty sayings used to control people’s language and thoughts.)

For example:

Military aged Muslim men invading your shores by the millions?

  • Masculine response: “Wait, what’s going on here? Why are all these young Muslim men with iPhones and Nikes flooding into our countries? None of them are even from Syria. They’re all from Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, and Sub-Saharan Africa. They are sexually assaulting our women and killing our people. I think we may need to put a stop to this.”
  • Feminine response: “The Corporate Media has instructed us that these Pakistani and Sub-Saharan refugees are fleeing from a brutal civil war in Syria. We need to help these people in any way we can. Don’t be mean to them and don’t judge their culture. We can all get along.”

Poor innocent Africans fleeing the brutal civil war in Syria

Globalists flooding your country with non-Whites and trying to demographically replace you?

  • Masculine response: “Wait a second, why has the historic population of America gone from 90% White European to 60% White European? The majority of these non-White settlers all vote Democrat and for Cultural Marxist policies. Why can’t we keep our country as a White European nation; why is it so wrong? It seems the quota for immigrants was changed from majority European immigrants to majority non-European immigrants with the passage of the Immigration Act of 1965.”
  • Feminine response: We were told everything will be okay. Listen, if you complain you are just going to upset some people. We don’t want to hurt people’s feelings, so you must be silenced.

How dare you deny these poor innocents the right to replace your people and culture with their own. Greece is for everyone, not just the Greeks

Homosexuals pushing their agenda and criminalizing anyone that speaks out against it?

  • Masculine response: “All of a sudden, there seems to be a huge push for this coming from the Corporate Media and our Globalist culture. Why is that? They used to just preach ‘tolerance’ for homosexuals, but now we literally cannot disagree with their lifestyle without being called names and threats to get us fired from our jobs. What’s going on here?”
  • Feminine response: “We’re told it’s good so it must be good. We all need to get along. Love is Love. No conflicts please.”

The West is in dire need of male leadership.

Why do you think the Presidency of Donald Trump was so appealing to so many? Why do you think he won?

People are sick of weak and inept leadership. People want someone who is a leader; who knows what they are doing, and will fight to get it. Someone who can actually address the issues and ask the tough questions, not give us meaningless platitudes about “freedom, Democracy, and diversity.”

Men lead; women follow.

That is not my rule. That is the law of nature. Women want strong men to lead. To believe otherwise is nonsense. Look at history. It was strong men who shaped the direction of their respective cultures and nations. European men, Muslim men, Asian men, Meso-American men, etc. Feminists telling you that the reason women were not leaders because of ‘patriarchy’ is pure propaganda.

The last thing we need are more women telling men what to do and how to act. In other words, we don’t need more women to try to be leaders of men.

Why Men Should Never Take Dating Advice From Women

Why am I even addressing this in the article? I do it because our feminist programming has instructed us that male and female advice is exactly the same, regardless of the topic. That advice from females is just as good, if not better, than advice from males.

But that’s not the true. In regards to ‘relationship advice’, this is completely false. Men and women are different; we aren’t 100% exactly the same in every way. We need to expose our programming, and keep exposing it, in order for all of us to overcome it.

I want you to listen to me. Read this very closely.

Women are the absolute WORST on the planet at giving out dating advice to men.

That’s not a dig on women. I love women and respect them. They mean well. They do have a strong understand of social dynamics. But, they usually don’t know what they want.

Women are attracted to masculine men, just as men are attracted to feminine women.

To men that are:

  • Leaders
  • Builders
  • Strong both physically and mentally
  • Men who have a purpose and are driven

Notice that this list is exactly what we in the West are lacking.

Men who are dominant and who are leaders. Men who have a purpose. These traits are what attract women to men.

My question is this:

If women are attracted to the above, do you really think a woman can teach a man how to be a leader? How to be a builder? How to be dominant?

If you want to know how to be an accountant, you learn from an accountant. If you want to be a stock broker, you learn from a stock broker. If you want to attract yourself a woman, you find a man that knows how to attract women.

Why would you ask a woman on ways for a man to attract women? What do women know about attracting a woman as a man? If you’re a man, you wouldn’t start giving out advice to women on how to be feminine, as we don’t know anything about that. We would let women teach other women on how to be a feminine woman.

Most of the time, women don’t even know what they themselves want. How many times have you heard a women tell you to just be nice, get to know her, and see if you’re a good match? How that’s working out?

Many women believe that they want certain things because society tells them that they do. (This also applies to many men as well.)

Why do you think so many women in Europe are hitching up with the Muslim migrants, even after hearing the stories of them raping and sexually assaulting European women?

Do you think a woman is ever going to tell you this?

But, you ask, what the hell does this have to do with what we’re trying to accomplish? Why am I telling you this?

Trust these 5 women to protect your country and people. Russia, Iran, and China are just sexist bigots

The West Needs Strong Men To Lead

Gents, this is the truth. If you say you are red-pilled, you need to accept this as a fact of nature.

We don’t need any more Angela Merkels. We don’t need anymore Theresa Mays. We don’t need anymore Marine Le Pens (who should be way ahead in the polls but may actually lose this election). And we certainly do not need any more Hillary Clintons.

We need strong, male leadership.

Think about it.

  • Vladimir Putin
  • Donald Trump
  • Rodrigo Duterte
  • Bashar al-Assad (love him or hate him, do you honestly think if a women was running Syria that she would be able to last 4+ years of intense civil war, with the U.S., Israel, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia trying to overthrow and kill her?)

All the men above are strong and capable. These are leaders that both men and women respect.

Men evolved to lead and protect the tribe.

The crisis of male leadership is part of the reason Europe is being overrun with Muslims at this very moment. People keep asking ‘where are the men?’

I instead ask: “Does Europe even have any real men to lead?”

Others sneeringly ask: “why aren’t we simply talking about the banks, the globalists, and our corrupt politicians? Why are we talking about ‘being men?’ This is childish.”

I would say because we have to. So, you identified the problem. What are you going to do about it? Believe it or not, someone in the real world, not Internetland, is going to actually need to do something. Someone is going to need to run against and replace Angela Merkel. Someone is going to need to speak up against our repressive governments that are actually attacking and trying to replace their own people in the real world.

And you know what? If you’re a fat little guy, with a horrible diet, who parties every weekend or plays video games while watching a bunch of porn, you’re not going to be able to change jack shit, no matter how much you complain about the issues we face. You’re part of the problem and the only reason you call this ‘childish’ is because you are self projecting your own adolescent immaturity and can’t face up to someone bringing it up. And you know it.

We are going to need male leadership to make changes; not keyboard warriors and big mouths who refuse to do anything positive or contribute anything of value, but instead try to insult and drag down anyone and everyone making positive changes in their lives.

Now that Trump has won the Presidency, the adults have taken back control of the country. It’s time for us to do the same in our own lives.

It’s time for men to be men.

Let’s Make Western Men Great Again.