What the Hell is Kamala Harris?

I’m just going to be straight with you: this is filler. I wrote that well-meaning but ultimately botched and doomed thing about Brian Laundrie fleeing to a swamp after killing Gabby Potato – only to be eaten by gators. I think that could have been something really poignant and great, but I just didn’t have the patience today that I had when I wrote that 8,000 word thing about China.

However, I do talk to people who tell me “I like Tucker but I don’t really bother to watch him except when you put the clips up.” So this is for sure a worthy clip.

Tucker plays clips of Kamala/Kamala and the Bidens which they have apparently posted on their own social media showing some truly bizarre and seemingly not really human behavior.

Kamala “Kamala” Harris really is something truly strange. She can only really be understood in theory: she is a person who grew up without any kind of stability or personal identity. Her mother was a Tamil from India and her father was a negro from Jamaica. She was born in America, and lived there only in her early childhood. Obviously, her parents thing didn’t work out any better than you would expect a marriage between two people from completely different cultures living in a third could would tend to work out, and her mother moved her to Montreal, Canada while her father went back to Jamaica. She lived without a father or any relatives at all, other than her mother and sister, in a foreign land. Quebec is something of a foreign land inside of a foreign land, and she was forced to go to a French primary school, even though she did not speak French (and apparently still doesn’t). Her mother was probably speaking Tamil at home. What’s even worse: her mother was a practicing Hindu, so she was raised with a culture alien to her surroundings, and as a half-African, she almost certainly would not have been well accepted among whatever kind of Indian community there was in Quebec in the 1970s. It’s a truly radical and dehumanizing existence.

It’s not difficult to feel sorry for the young Kamala Harris, despite the monster that she would inevitably become. Good villains should always be sympathetic.

In her twenties, she returned to America, a country with which she had no cultural or really even geographical connection (having been raised in Canada, a country which she has no connection to either, but she at least grew up there). She joined the university system, then the California government, then started having sex with much older, married men for promotions. She eventually became district attorney of San Francisco, with the support of Willie Brown, whose marriage she had wrecked. As DA, she focused on putting as many black people in prison as possible (that isn’t really an exaggeration). She then became Attorney General of California, where she focused on cracking down on illegal drugs and immigrants coming across the border. In 2014, unmarried and childless at the age of 50, she married a divorced Jew lawyer. In 2017, she was elected as a California Senator.

She then ran for president in 2019, and dropped out of the race in early December, two months before primary voting began, polling at under 5% (Pete Buttigieg was polling at 12% at the time, and Amy Klobuchar at 9%). The only time during the polling that she got into the double digits was after a debate in which she insulted Joe Biden as both a racist and a rapist.

She is now just a few short breaths away from being the President of the United States.

It’s something of an amazing story, really. When she takes power, she will likely be the single most unqualified and disliked person to ever serve as the head of state of a modern government – and quite possibly the most unliked head of state ever in history.

The scary part is: she doesn’t really seem to like America very much either.

If you’re someone who is still holding onto hope that this country is going to return to “normal,” you need to take a moment to ask yourself: is there anything this woman wouldn’t do, if she was told to do it?

Then ask yourself: are there people who are going to be telling her to do bad things?