What the Hell is Going on in Portland?

In Portland on Saturday night, a supporter of Donald Trump was shot dead in the street, apparently for no other reason than that he is a supporter of the president. He was wearing a Patriot Prayer hat. The killer has been identified by the internet as Antifa.

The city has been engulfed in violence for three months, and it wasn’t much better before that. It is totally not clear what right-wingers were doing holding a rally in the city in the first place, as it doesn’t seem that a killing like this should have been hard to predict.

So what’s going on in the city that political tensions have risen to the point of random political killings? 

The event on Saturday involved a Pro-Trump convoy driving through the city.

This is the latest event in a years-long campaign of right-wing events in this extremely blue city.

All of the pro-Trump rallies in Portland are planned (at least endorsed and promoted, but usually planned) by a half-Japanese guy named Joey Gibson, the leader of Patriot Prayer. Gibson looks like your standard trashy brown criminal.

But I guess he’s a… libertarian, or something.

The group focuses on provoking leftists into street fights.

Gibson has been doing this for years, and no one really knows why. So far, nothing good has ever happened because he was doing this, and it’s unclear what good thing is supposed to happen.

I don’t know for certain that Joey Gibson is a spook, but the sonovabitch went to Hong Kong to encourage a violent Antifa revolution.

He went to a rally in support of people being allowed to murder their girlfriends in Taiwan, and was confronted and told to leave by Antifa who apparently recognized him as a “fascist.”

I have a hard time believing that a guy who organizes anti-Antifa rallies in Portland was concerned enough about the struggle of Antifa in China that he felt he needed to fly there and help them. Furthermore, round-trip tickets to Hong Kong from the West Coast would have been upwards of $1,500, and he brought his girlfriend. I’m sure he makes a decent living organizing protests, but what a weird romantic vacation – “hon, maybe we should cancel the trip to Costa Rica and instead go to Hong Kong to incite Antifa violence?”

Aggressive homosexual neocon Paul Joseph Watson of course also went there to incite Antifa terrorist violence.

Avi Yemeni, the Israeli Jew who took all that money Tommy Robinson solicited in donations to make an anti-immigration documentary and instead made a documentary about the oppression of Jews, showed up in Hong Kong as well.

He was sent there by Jewish Ezra Levant’s “The Rebel Media.”

Needless to say, the whole color revolution in Hong Kong was an attempted coup by the CIA, and when you have all these shady shill right-wingers supporting it, despite the fact that none of their followers would naturally care about it, it’s very strange. What it appears to imply is that these people are employed by some state agency.

Very key here is that Gibson was passing out flyers with pictures of Pepe on them, and you then had all these posts on /pol/ shilling “Hong Kongese support Pepe! They love 4chan!” concepts. I had people on my own forum spamming support for a neocon color revolution in Hong Kong – as if America starting a war with China is a good thing for the American people. Of course, none of these people tried to argue that it was a good thing for the American people, they just employed the standard trope and claimed that it was a humanitarian duty to support the oppressed people of Hong Kong (some of them were promoting this while also attempting to invoke racist sentiment against Chinese people – “I hate them but we have to free them from oppression” – very strange).

It was absolute astroturf. It appeared very much to me that the CIA understands that the internet right-wing makes up a significant number of people, is very influential in the way it is able to spread memes, and determined that it would be helpful for them to have support of the internet right-wing in their agenda to incite a war against China.

The flyer Joey Gibson was handing out in Hong Kong. It features Pepe the Frog, who Joey Gibson was promoting as a symbol of their Antifa uprising.
The New York Times then shilled the fact that HK Antifa were using Pepe, claiming it was organic.
4chan was spammed for weeks with images of Pepe in Hong Kong, and claims that the Antifa in Hong Kong were 4chan posters. They often cited the NYT article, as in this post.

Some psy-ops lunatic got the bright idea that they could trick the right-wing into making a bunch of memes drumming up support for war with the Chinese. It’s kind of clever and on some level it is flattering, but primarily, the thing was offensive and insulting. You basically had a situation where the CIA was attempting to use /pol/ and thereby the rest of the online right as their private army.

Gibson playing a role in the whole weird Pepe thing appears to almost certainly implicate him as having been on a mission from the State Department when he went to Hong Kong to promote Pepe memes.

The fact that Gibson is such a shady figure speaks to what is going on in Portland with these right-wing rallies inexplicably taking place in what is likely the most liberal city in the United States. There are a whole lot of reasons to believe that this entire thing in Portland is just a bizarre staged act, where both sides are controlled by the feds.

To understand what is going on in Portland, look at the 2016 mayoral election:

A Republican did run – he got less than 4% of the vote…!

You can say that it’s such a majority Democrat that the Republicans don’t bother going out and voting, okay, but you’re still looking at a situation where it is such an overwhelming majority Democrat that by staging rallies there you’re not doing anything other than creating a public nuisance.

You have zero chance of changing the politics of the city. If you’re a right-winger in Portland, you should either move or just try to keep your head down. Portland is getting what they deserve for supporting this lunacy and living well is the greatest revenge.

This is the only overwhelmingly leftist city that this happens in, it’s been happening for five years, and it is almost entirely due to the actions of one man – a man who is pretty much confirmed to have been part of a CIA operation to drum up right wing support for a war with China.

Put everything else aside for a minute, and just understand this: assuming you were the feds, and you wanted to create violent clashes between the left and the right which would lead to shootings as you attempted to create a pretext to paint the entire gun-owning right wing as a violent group of terrorists, this is exactly how you would do it.

Following the debacle in Charlottesville, I’ve spent a whole lot of time considering what the purpose of a rally actually is, and come to the conclusion that there really isn’t any purpose in the majority of cases. But in theory, political rallies are usually to give people an endorphin high that will hopefully get them excited about voting or canvassing for a politician or party. What is the point of doing that in a city where you know no Republican will ever get elected? These people obviously just go out there to engage in confrontation, and it is baffling.

I am very intent on forcing people to ask what the purpose of the thing they are doing is. I think if people simply asked, “what is the purpose of this thing we are doing? What do we hope to accomplish?”, then the right-wing would be doing a whole lot better than it is right now.

Please, think about what fighting on the streets with Antifa in a city where Republicans get 3.69% of the vote could possibly accomplish.

Then look at this Joey Gibson character.

Then imagine that he’s now telling people to bring guns to these events, which almost always devolve into violent confrontations.

So, now that you’ve thought about it: do you think there is any possible reason he could be doing this other than to provoke a bloodbath?

Now consider: both The Washington Post and The Huffington Post last week ran articles whining that the Portland Police Department is allowing these right-wingers to get in fights on the street and isn’t arresting anyone.

Can you imagine a more obvious trap? 

Joey Gibson might not even know what he’s doing, actually. He could be in contact with some spook who is helping him organize all of this (and buying him the occasional pair of tickets to Hong Kong), who is telling him that he’s a Trump supporter working within the FBI to bring down the deep state. He could be telling him he knows Q. He could be telling him he is Q.

Who the hell knows.

What I know is this: it’s going to end badly.