What the Heck?


It popped up in my feed that the blackest bitch you’ve ever seen just gave birth to a white man’s baby, and I was sitting here thinking “what the heck?”

It turns out that guy is the child actor from the Mighty Ducks, a series of Disney films about a hockey team where the players were really bad but they won anyway because they had good hearts or whatever (a bad message for children).

He later appeared in Dawson’s Creek, a 1990s teen soap opera, where he played the boyfriend of that woman who divorced Tom Cruise to go sleep with a nigger.

Her name is Katie Holmes, though she is generally referred to as “that nigger-fucking whore who used to date Tom Cruise.”

Bitches love them some niggers.

But do men love them some niggers?

Probably not, I believe.

If you’re a child actor with a completely destroyed psyche, you can do like Macaulay Culkin and go gook.

But man, don’t ever go full nigger, please, man – do not!

This is literally an outrage.

And what is the point of it?

Well, probably the point is that this guy is in the headlines! I don’t even click celebrity news and it came up in my feed!

Would they be covering the birth of this washed up child actor’s child if he was not involved in this science experiment? Of course not.

He’s a hero because he’s willing to sleep with a nigger for the sake of building a new future and ending racism.

If they were going to talk about Macaulay Culkin sleeping with a gook, they would just call him a racist who fetishizes gooks.

They probably do say that, in fact. They already hate him because he’s the only person who is willing to go out there and defend poor Michael Jackson when he gets accused by Jews – after he’s dead and can’t defend himself – of being a child molester. When Culkin says it, the whole thing falls apart because he was actually there and certainly has no reason to defend a child molester.

It’s disgusting and evil what these Jews have done to poor Michael.

These Jews say they love the blacks so much, but if a black gets out of line they have no problem falsely smearing him as a child molester for all of eternity.