Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
August 13, 2018

Who are these people? Where do they find these freaks?


Body cam footage has emerged showing the moment a school resource officer forced a 10-year-old boy with autism to the ground and handcuffed him. The child’s mother says the entire incident amounts to “abuse.”

The video begins by showing the young boy, Thomas, sitting in a cubby by himself in a classroom at Lee Elementary School in Denton, Texas in April. His teacher tries to encourage him to “hop out of the cubby” and eventually takes him by the wrist to help pull him down.

A Denton Police Department school resource officer, who had been called to the room, can then be heard saying “do you want help?” to which the teacher replies that she does.

Yeah, he was just doing what all autistic and introverted kids do – trying to keep to himself. Crawling into a cubby isn’t an arrestable offense…last I checked. 

Maybe it’s a new clause in the Patriot Act that I hadn’t heard of. Post-9/11, we gotta keep on eye on cubby-dwellers. Semper vigilant!!!xD

By my logic, the problem would have resolved itself in ~1 year as the kid began to grow. But what do I know.

Sometimes, you gotta break out the handcuffs – t. badge nigger.

And what’s worse, from the video, you get the impression that this officer has cuffed the kid before.

At the end, he mentions having to do something again. 

Also, get this:

At that point, the officer picks up Thomas and carries him down the hallway to a room. That room, called the SOAR room, is a space where children can quiet down, according to local news outlet WFAA. 

It looks like a carpeted cell to me. But of course, they found a criminally ridiculous euphemism for it…”the SOAR room.” Jesus wept when women started naming things.

GOD. It sucks being a white kid in America, holy shit.

And it gets worse.

Once they have arrived in the room, the officer places the child on the ground and says “do you want the handcuffs?” Thomas is then cuffed while he screams and the teacher watches from a corner. According to the footage, Thomas was handcuffed three separate times before his mother, Emily Brown, arrived.

It wasn’t until his mother got home with Thomas that she and her husband Robert discovered bruises on their son’s body. At that point, Emily told WFAA that they “started realizing there’s really something wrong here.”

Although police say Thomas was poking other students, the video only shows the child backed into the cubby.


Seriously, looks like they even play this card on elementary school kids.

“I see a little boy hiding,” Emily told WFAA. “Not doing anything that’s an imminent serious harm to someone else.” She equated the situation to “abuse,” calling it an unnecessary use of force by the officer.

The Browns told WFAA that the very fact their son was handcuffed was breaking a rule, as they have a detailed intervention plan in place with the school which does not permit the use of restraints. “There are a variety of de-escalation techniques they’re supposed to be using,” the child’s father said.

However, the city of Denton said that, following a departmental review of the incident, “no violations” to laws or policies were found, and that proper protocol was followed. The officer has been allowed to keep his job at the school.

Now…one last question.

Why was there a police officer at the school to begin with?

Is it because of the clear hijab-clad ISIS terrorist at the head of the class indoctrinating the class? Are there niggers at this school? When did it become normal for police officers to be at elementary schools – armed I assume – and used as a disciplinary force?

This shit never happened during the Soviet Union, it never happened in Mao’s China. I don’t think it happens in North Korea.

Someone, please, justify and explain this to me, because at this point, I’m just shocked. Why did this copper handcuff and throw some little White kid face down in a filthy dark room with trash all over the floor? Do I hate America for thinking that this not okay?

No. Only people that legit suffer from a deranged daddy syndrome think like this.

These badge niggers, man. It’s gone far enough.


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