What is the Point of Evacuating Americans from China When Coronavirus is Already in the US?

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 26, 2020

How actually stupid is the US government?

Are they purposefully trying to get us all killed, or do they just want us to think they’re doing that?


The US government is arranging a charter flight to evacuate American diplomats and citizens from the Chinese city that has become ground zero for a new deadly strain of coronavirus, a US official with knowledge of the matter told CNN Saturday.

The United States has a contract with a transporter to evacuate about three dozen diplomats and their families from the US consulate in Wuhan, China. The consulate is closed and all US diplomats are “under ordered departure,” the official said.

Details of the flight plan are still being finalized — for example, officials were still deciding between a narrow-body Boeing 737 and a wide-body Boeing 767 — and the source said “a lot depends on what the Chinese authorities will allow us to do,” adding that Beijing has been “very cooperative.” The Wall Street Journal first reported the planned evacuation.

The State Department and White House have not yet responded to CNN’s request for comment on the matter.

They probably haven’t responded because this is retarded and they have no explanation.

The logical thing to do would be to block all access of anyone coming from China if they’re really worried about an outbreak.

But it has already begun in multiple places in America.

New York Times:

A person in Orange County, California, has tested positive for the novel coronavirus. The Orange County Health Care Agency, which received confirmation from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, said the individual had been sent to a local hospital and is in “good condition.”

The patient is a traveler from Wuhan, China, and “there is no evidence that person-to-person transmission has occurred in Orange County,” according to the agency. “The current risk of local transmission remains low,” the agency said in a statement.

It is the third confirmed case in the United States. The others involved a woman in her 60s in Chicago, and a man in his 30s in Washington state.

So: California, Illinois and Washington.

If this is really highly infectious, then we are way too late to stop the entire US from being consumed by this virus. They probably aren’t even locking up the infected individuals “because human rights.”

We’re two minutes to midnight here, folks.

All they’re doing by evacuating China is bringing more people into America who might have the virus.

Basically, you all just need to accept that you’re going to die.

Your only other option is to run to the hills.

I wish Iron Maiden had a song about bat soup. Though I suppose bat soup is more of a topic for a rap song.

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