What is the Insurrection Act and What Does It Mean for You?

Donald Trump said at his weird event on Monday that he is considering invoking the Insurrection Act, which is effectively a declaration of total martial law, in order to deal with the ongoing riots across the country, which local and state governments have purposefully refused to stop.

One has to believe that the reason local and state governments refused to stop these riots is that they wanted him to declare martial law.

So what will this look like?

Let’s check with America’s most trusted newspaper…

LA Times:

Normally, military troops are forbidden by law to be involved in law enforcement within the U.S. But that prohibition has some exceptions. The main one involves the Insurrection Act, first passed early in the country’s history, under which a president can order active-duty troops to be used for domestic law enforcement if doing so is needed to suppress an insurrection or civil disturbance.

In most cases, the law allows the president to do that only if he is asked to do so by a state governor or legislature.

In 1992, for example, when the acquittal of police officers on charges of beating motorist Rodney King sparked rioting in Los Angeles, California National Guard units were federalized at the request of then-Gov. Pete Wilson to quell the riots. That was the last time the Insurrection Act was invoked.

We can read this article on the history of tear gas to understand why that was necessary in 1992.

We can’t understand why it is necessary now, when every city in America has a full supply of tear gas, which as I have explained, could easily be used to end these riots.

But hey – whatever, right?

If a state actively opposes the use of federal troops, as several governors indicated on Monday that they would, the law might still allow it in certain cases, according to a 2018 report by the Congressional Research Service.

One of the main exceptions is when a state is violating people’s civil rights. In 1957, for example, President Eisenhower ordered the 101st Airborne Division into Little Rock, Ark., and federalized the entire Arkansas National Guard in order to enforce a court order permitting nine black students to attend a previously all-white high school.

Presidents Kennedy and Johnson later used the same legal authority to enforce court orders for desegregation in several Southern states.

Some of Trump’s rhetoric has suggested his administration’s lawyers might try to justify deploying troops by arguing that rioters were depriving citizens of their civil rights. An argument of that sort would be unprecedented, but Trump has often shown a willingness to flout precedent.

Sending troops to quell riots without a request from a state is not automatically allowed under the law. In 2007, Congress loosened restrictions on deployments, giving a president the power to employ federal troops to “restore public order and enforce the laws of the United States” without a request from the governor or legislature of the state involved. But the provision was repealed a year later because of objections by states that it gave the federal government too much power.

Yes, there is going to be some back and forth, and the governments, like a wanton woman in your bed, are going to pretend like they don’t want it.

But this was always the plan.

The plan was always to release the military across the United States, in order to normalize that.

Trump doesn’t seem to know what is going on, at all, because he is refusing outright to call out the governors and city governments for creating this situation on purpose, and has instead called them “weak.”

The goal of these riots was for the military to be released so that the people of the country will become used to the military being on the streets, and will think it is a good thing.

Then, later on, in the fall, the military will probably still be on the streets or will be released a second time as part of the coronavirus lockdown, and that is when things will get truly weird.

This is the only context in which the masses of American patriots will accept the military being released on them in the first place: a Republican president releasing them to quell black riots. And so that is the situation that has been set up.

Once Pandora’s Box is opened, however, there is no going back, and we will be in the new normal, and these troops will be used for any purpose as the current government of the United States is completely dissolved and replaced with a militarized police state.

You are right in the middle of this, and it might be hard to see it, but I am telling you: this is what is happening and you will live to see it all unfold in front of your eyes.

It is going to be like a science fiction film.

The military will be in gas masks, they will be implementing all kinds of different controls and restrictions on travel, they will be up to something and you will not know what it is.

They will be force-vaccinating people and there will be a “resistance” that is refusing and living in the woods and on the outskirts of cities. But you, in the city, will be locked down and not allowed to leave. You won’t know what is going on outside of the area you’re allowed to travel in, let alone in the rest of the world. Media will be totally locked down and feeding you garbage. The internet will be largely blocked off, though hopefully some of you will know how to get around that.

But even if you can get on the free internet, there will be limited information available, because everyone else will be locked down like you.

It is going to be “we’ve always been at war with Eurasia” and every other tired meme from science fiction dystopias come to life before your eyes.

It’s basically going to be everything that Alex Jones always said it was going to be.

I don’t know what else to tell you.

This is happening.

This is the regime that is being rolled out right before your eyes.