What is the Goal of Neo-Nazism?

Neo-Nazis are such absolute morons.

Neo-Nazis are so stupid they will claim that there is no law enforcement involvement in the US far right and that anyone who suggests it is just “paranoid” and a “kook.” Environmentalists and the Tea Party get infiltrated by the feds. But not the far-right. Actually, the far-right did get infiltrated by the feds, and at one point 20% of the membership rolls of the Ku Klux Klan was on the FBI payroll. But they stopped doing that, according to neo-Nazis.

Atomwaffen is the most obvious fed trap. It is so obvious in fact that it turned out that it was literally being run by a “former” CIA agent who runs an intelligence contracting group in Washington and currently has an active CAGE code.

The rest of the situations are almost as bad. One of the top guys at another neo-Nazi group was outed as an FBI informant last year, and the group didn’t even fire him.

The people who get involved in this stuff are actual lamebrain boneheads, I’ll tell ya what.


A Neo-Nazi has pleaded guilty in federal court in Seattle to a charge that he conspired to threaten journalists.

Johnny Roman Garza, 21, of Queen Creek, Arizona, entered the plea by video conference Tuesday in U.S. District Court in Seattle to one count of conspiracy to mail threatening communications, to commit cyberstalking and to interfere with a federally protected activity.

Garza was one of four members of the Neo-Nazi group Atomwaffen Division charged early this year with having cyberstalked and sent Swastika-laden posters to journalists and an employee of the Anti-Defamation League, telling them, “You have been visited by your local Nazis,” “Your Actions have Consequences,” and “We are Watching.”

Garza admitted that as part of the conspiracy he located the Phoenix apartment complex where a member of the Arizona Association of Black Journalists lived and went there last January intent on leaving the threatening posters. According to the plea agreement, however, Garza could not find a suitable place to put the poster. He then traveled to the home of an editor at a local Jewish publication and affixed a poster to the bedroom window.

The same day, other members of the conspiracy mailed or delivered posters to targets in Washington state and Florida, authorities said.

Investigators warned several of the intended victims before they received the intimidating communications, indicating that they were monitoring the people making the threats.

Of course they were monitoring them.

Come on. Come on. Come on.

Imagine thinking that you can plan terrorism on the internet.

Imagine thinking that criminally harassing random Jews serves some political purpose.

What do they imagine the purpose of threatening Jew journalists is, other than to expand the budget of the FBI?

I can’t even figure it out. I guess it could just be “revenge,” but I doubt that’s what they would answer if you asked them.

The only context in which terrorism makes logical sense is when you’re doing it for some specific purpose:

  • When the Moslems shot up Charlie Hebdo, they had the goal of stopping people from printing Muhammad cartoons. (Semi-successful – the magazine didn’t print the cartoons again for five years, and I’m sure a lot of other publications skipped printing such cartoons after the shooting.)
  • When Timothy McVeigh blew up the Oklahoma Federal Building, he had the goal of telling the feds to back off after they did Ruby Ridge and Waco. (Semi-successful: the feds did back off for quite a while, and we didn’t see another slaughter type thing.)
  • When the IRA did terrorism, they had the goal of getting the English out of Ireland and getting their own people into the government. (Successful.)
  • 911 ostensibly had the goal of getting the US military out of the Middle East. (Total failure.) Or, it was done by Jews, and had the goal of getting the US involved much more heavily in the Middle East (Successful.)

And so on and so forth – you get the thing.

Neo-Nazis don’t get the thing. They just do terrorism randomly, for no clear reason other than to expand the budget of the FBI. Even if they were somehow killing several thousand Jews a year, it wouldn’t result in any conceivable positive outcome, because there isn’t even a goal. Neo-Nazis presumably are political, and want to establish some sort of fascist state in America or whatever. But nothing they do appears on the face of it to be geared towards achieving any political goal.

Maybe they would say that they are “sending a message,” but what is the message? That they hate Jews? Everyone already knows that.

It is unbelievably dumb.

Obviously, not all neo-Nazis are as dumb as people who join the Atomwaffen network of fed honeypots. But they are all dumb. They believe in ideology, because their minds are too weak to deal with the reality situation. Most neo-Nazis are now literally against Donald Trump, and saying you should vote for Joe Biden.

They say that you shouldn’t vote for Trump because he supports Israel, or because he is a Christian, or because he’s not doing a revolution, and if you vote for Democrats, random white people will form an army and rise up and overthrow the government.

It’s an ideology called “accelerationism” and it’s retarded.

Here’s an example from the Gamer Uprising forum:

These people say that “worse is better,” because the first successful peasant uprising in all of human history is just around the corner. So they’re in an absolute mind-cage where they go around celebrating losing. They say that losing is winning. I guess that’s a useful psychological crutch for weak-minded people who don’t want to deal with reality, but when you have a situation where these people are voting for Black Lives Matter and Antifa due to their delusion, it becomes a serious mental deficiency.

This is where you eventually end up when you go full-on with ideology.

You just start promoting weird nonsense, which is blatantly against your own interests, because of the idea that you can reach some kind of purity and that this will then lead to a utopia.

It’s no different than Sean Hannity saying that we have to support Jeff Bezos and Amazon having a total monopoly over basically everything and driving everyone into poverty because it’s “our free market values.”

Remember: Karl Marx is the man who originally developed ideology theory. Every ideology is de facto Marxism, as the core concept is always the same: that if you implement a perfect set of ideas, you can build a utopia.

This is why you see people jump around from conservatism to libertarianism to communism to neo-Nazism (or whatever), and then keep jumping back and forth between them. You might think that libertarianism is the opposite of communism, but it is not. At all. Both of these are ideological systems that argue you can build a utopia with perfect ideas. If your goal is to figure out how to build a utopia using perfect ideas, then you will just go with whichever ideology seems to be the best at the time, based on your autistic analysis of it.

A utopia is by definition perfect, so in theory, if communism or libertarianism succeeds, they will both have the same outcome: perfection of society.

There is no such thing as “right-wing ideology.” What it fundamentally means to be right-wing is to accept reality as it is and deal with it as it is. That is also masculinity. Ideology is fundamentally a Jewish, thus feminine, concept: it’s all about legalism. Like Hannity defending Bezos, who should be his arch-nemesis, for these convoluted “free market” reasons.

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We need to be dealing with reality, confronting reality, and coming up with reality-based solutions.

That’s all.

We don’t need some weird, confusing gibberish in order to defend our own individual and collective interests.