What is Going on in the UK?

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
July 26, 2018

Here is a screenshot of the top stories out of the UK since the 25th over at RT.



Apart from the stem cell stuff and whatever that rock is, shit looks pretty bleak, lmao.

I could write a story for pretty much every single one of these headlines.

This is a recent development. Seriously, the “UK” section has become my ol’ reliable. I don’t always get the interesting scoop I’m looking for when I look at the US section, but it is guaranteed if I look over to the UK.

Why is this so?

Perhaps it is because they have a shitlord running the UK page. Or perhaps the UK really is spiraling out of control. Maybe it’s a mix of both. But it is pretty funny when you think about how bleak it is. Acid attacks, ISIS child and woman soldiers, Donald Trump hysteria, armed British police looking all cyberpunk…

It’s like, damn. 

How did this happen so fast?

And where are the counter-techs that I was sure would be developed to help us be cyber-hacker-neon-nazi-guerrilla fighters?

You big brain STEM people need to get on this.

Like, why did you even go get that nerd degree if you’re not going to start developing cyberpunk technology?

It just seems like a waste.

Why can’t I just plug into the comments sections through a neck port to harass boomers and Jews on the Interwebs without using my fingers?

Think about how much more efficient the Troll Horde would be.

What I’m trying to say is that you nerds continue to disappoint us.

You fail to deliver. Maybe you need to get some Alex Jones supplements to get your brain supercharged or something, because I’m still waiting on one of you to develop a super cyberweapon that can help us gain a tech advantage over the kikes.

Y’all need to get on it.

Pop some Adderall and burn the midnight oil until you do because we’re barrelling into this cyberpunk dystopia future thing and we’ve got none of the good elements of said dystopia going for us as of the writing of this article.