What is Even the Relationship Between Coronavirus and Global Warming?

Sir David Attenborough is a rich and powerful elitist who wants to force the population into even worse slavery by hoaxing them with a ridiculous weather-change hoax.

According to recent tweets by Boris Johnson, Attenborough is really excited that the coronavirus hoax proves that it will be very easy to force people to submit to a weather hoax.

It isn’t obvious that fixing a supposed virus problem would lead directly into a program to fix some supposed weather problem.

But they are telling you “oh well, while we’re fixing the virus, we might as well also change the weather.”

If there was really a virus problem, the goal should be to solve that, get back to normal, and then deal with the weather problem.

Why are we accepting that the virus problem should be bundled with the weather problem?

Why are leftists so willing to believe that the most powerful people on earth have their interests in mind when they promote this global warming stuff?

Why is every billionaire, government and multinational corporation on earth on board with solving a problem that supposedly only harms normal people?