“What is a Neo-Nazi and How Can I Become One?”

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 4, 2016

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During this Alt-Right media storm, there has been much talk of Neo-Nazism.

In particular, Jews have been trying to push for a purge of Neo-Nazis from the movement. Over the last few days however, they appeared to be retreating, realizing that this was a hopeless endeavor. “You can’t jetsam the Anglin,” as they say.

Being a Neo-Nazi, I am an expert on the topic of Neo-Nazism. I will here try to explain Neo-Nazism, and elaborate on the various types of Neo-Nazis. What they share is not only an unrepentant love for Adolf Hitler, but also that they like posting pictures of Hitler and Swastikas everywhere, generally because they think it is funny.

As a rule, everyone in the Alt-Right loves Hitler to some extent, given that he was the last great leader of Europe and the one who almost took down the Jews for good. So in that sense, the entire movement may be labeled Neo-Nazi, just for refusing to say Hitler was evil. That said, most people in the Alt-Right don’t want to just try to redo the Third Reich in America, as they view this as a little bit silly, like some kind of role-playing.

Let us consider the five types of Neo-Nazis.

  • Ironic Nazis – This group of Neo-Nazis uses imagery of Nazism and claims to be Nazi because it’s funny and upsets Jews and cucks. They like Hitler, but aren’t all that deeply into Third Reich history or the specific economic doctrines of the NSDAP. This label can be applied to at least 70-80% of the Alt-Right.
  • Anime Nazis – This group of Neo-Nazis shares an equal affinity for Hitler and Japanese cartoons. Some of them may actually like Japanese cartoons more than they like Nazism, but think Hitler was a pretty cool guy and feel the Third Reich aesthetic compliments the Anime aesthetic.
  • 1488 Skinheads – This group is generally a bit older, as the skinhead movement isn’t especially big in most cities in America presently. They are pretty serious Nazis, but don’t really go into much detail. They feel the imagery of Nazism is powerful, so embrace it, mixed with a type of hardcore street gang aesthetic. They are good people.
  • Dress-Up Nazis – This group of Nazis dresses up like 1930s German Nazis. I guess it’s mostly based on Rockwell’s strategy of shock-and-awe propaganda, though I can’t say for sure as I’ve never actually met one. Since Bill White got locked up, there haven’t really been any prominent dress-up Nazis.
  • Serious Business Nazis – This Nazi group is very serious and looks intellectually at the details of the NSDAP movement and seeks to apply it in a pure form to America and other White countries (though almost always without the dressing-up, which serious Nazis view as silly). You will notice them often saying that they are not “Nazis” but “National Socialists,” a distinction that other Nazis don’t generally make. You will also see them somewhat preoccupied with labeling things as “degenerate,” and perhaps opposing certain “vulgar” tactics of the rest of the Alt-Right. They are a relatively small group, and can be a bit overbearing at times, but they are important to have around, in my opinion.

Of course, all of these brands of Neo-Nazis are welcome here on the Daily Stormer, and though they are different groups, they tend to get along with each other just fine – and they get on fine with those who don’t identify as any type of Nazi as well.

But What is the Plan Though?

Although there are exceptions, I don’t think that on the whole, many people envision Americans dressed-up in SS uniforms and marching with Swastika flags as the end-game of the Alt-Right movement. The Jew media and certain cuckolds/infiltrators trying to redirect the Alt-Right like to portray Neo-Nazis as having this sort of plan, but it is more about using Hitler and the Third Reich for four main reasons:

  • General inspiration – Hitler and the Nazis were awesome, and so they inspire us.
  • It’s fun and enjoyable – I think even the serious business Nazis can agree that armies of internet trolls spamming pictures of Auschwitz to Jewish journalists is very funny. It is also rebellious, and brings an element of danger that does not exist in drier presentations of White Nationalism.
  • It demonstrates an unwillingness to compromise or apologize – Previous nationalist movements have tried to avoid the Nazi issue, regardless of the fact that they will always be compared to Nazis and accused of being Nazis. When you try to say you’re not a Nazi, you look like you’re apologizing and backtracking. You look weak and pathetic, even if people accept that you are not a Nazi. If you claim to not be a Nazi, you start a downward spiral of intellectual compromise. By simply saying “yes, I am a Nazi – let’s move on to the next question,” you break that cycle.
  • Desensitizing the public – Nonstop images of Hitler, especially when juxtaposed with cartoon frogs, Bane, Anime, etc., remove the image in the minds of the public of evil Hitler Nazis. You cannot possibly argue with the emotional imagery the Jews have created with their endless propaganda about the horrors of the Holocaust, so you have to undermine it by confronting it directly.

Ultimately, everyone in the Alt-Right wants the same thing:

  • Physical removal of Jews and other non-Whites
  • A return to a traditional, family-based and community-oriented social order
  • An end to universal suffrage democracy
  • A restoration of masculinity and honor as the guiding principles of civilization

I covered all of this in detail my Alt-Right primer.

None of it needs to be draped in a Swastika. Of course, we should consider Hitler when formulating our plans, but there is no need to copy everything directly from the NSDAP. This was in a different time, in a different country, when a lot of different factors were very different.

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I want to add that I am in no way bothered by people who don’t identify strongly with Swastikas and pictures of Hitler. That’s fine. They are really only a small part of what we do on this site, in fact (I have no Swastika in the banner, you will note).

However, peppering my presentation with Nazi imagery has for me been an extremely successful way to break down psychological barriers and get young people interested in the movement. We’ve really pissed off a lot of Jewish journalists, gotten ourselves in the media a lot and had a really good time with it.

The bottom line is that Nazism is prefabricated revolutionary propaganda for our current age. By employing it, you use all of the force of the current establishment against itself. All of the decades of energy they have put into demonizing the Nazis get thrown directly back at them.

It’s Not Really That Radical

One thing that should be understood here is that there is a precedent for successfully overtaking a social order with aggressive radicalism and spectacle-mongering in what the Jews did in the 1960’s. What they pushed for, and achieved, was much more radically divergent from the existing social norms than what we are pushing now.

You had what was on the whole an extremely conservative Christian society wherein the youth were induced to take wacky amounts of dangerous experimental drugs and have all types of sex with each other in a reckless, ridiculous fashion, making demands that not only went directly against the existing social order, but didn’t make any logical sense.

And they were successful in using this movement to completely takeover and replace the established social order.

  • Blacks achieved their privileges by starting out shouting “kill the White babies.”
  • Women achieved their privileges by starting out shouting “here comes the slave, off to her grave” at wedding processions and bragging about having abortions in an age where this was universally considered to be infanticide.
  • Homosexuals achieved their privileges by starting out marching with people who were openly demanding a right to have sex with little boys.

Jews took young people from this:


To this:


In under a decade.

Just let that sink in.

When pushing for revolution, there simply is no such thing as being “too radical.”


Society is extremely malleable. It can be changed rapidly to something which is unrecognizable. And it isn’t even difficult to do. The problem is that the right has been unwilling to do it, due to various factors, but mainly due to this weird obsession that they are eventually going to come up with the perfect logical argument that switches everyone over to their side.


This is never going to happen. People are not logical, on the whole, they are irrational and emotional. If you can understand that, you’ve already won.

The right-wing has thus-far tended to actually be – literally – opposed to the use of propaganda, ensuring, beyond any shadow of a doubt, that the mass man will never care about anything they are saying.


The theory that if you are “too radical” you will turn people off and your movement will never get anywhere is not based on anything at all. It isn’t even a theory. It’s just a weird assertion which is demonstrably false.

As such, it is my view that anyone pushing for a moderation of the Alt-Right message should be looked at as a subversive counter-revolutionary – whether they mean to be or not isn’t especially relevant. What matters is that they are attempting subversion (note that I don’t mean anyone who is moderate, but specifically those who attempt to moderate others). Whether that is based on a desire to subvert or a genuine incapacity to grasp what is going on – an inability to engage very simple data with regards to the way the Jews overthrew our society – is inconsequential to the chilling effect they are attempting to cause with their tone-policing.

Right now, Black revolutionaries are out calling for bombing nurseries filled with White babies. Do you see Black Lives Matter, Jesse Jackson or Barack Obama going out to attack them, saying they’ll screw-up the revolution?

Obviously, no.

We need people who speak very radically and we need people who speak less radically, but we all need to work together as we all share the same goals.