What If Coronavirus Chaos is Used to Start a War with Iran – Or Worse?

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 14, 2020


Iran is apparently attempting to distract from their virus by attacking Americans in Iraq.

This seems ill-advised, as Trump is likely to respond with similar force.


An Iraqi base hosting foreign military service members was hit by a barrage of rockets on Saturday, Iraqi officials have said. A similar attack on Wednesday killed three people, including two Americans.

A dozen rockets hit Camp Taji north of capital Baghdad, Stars and Stripes reported, citing Iraqi officials. There was no immediate word on casualties.

Unconfirmed reports on Iraqi social media said as many as 20 Katyusha rockets had been fired at the base.

The Wednesday attack on Camp Taji claimed three lives and left a dozen more injured. The soldiers killed were identified as a 27-year-old US Army specialist, a 28-year-old US Air Force staff sergeant and a 26-year-old British lance corporal reservist with the Scottish and North Irish Yeomanry.

The US and Britain retaliated for the attack by launching airstrikes at Iraqi bases hosting Iraqi Shia militias, which Pantagon blamed for the attack.

Maybe it is a false flag against Iran by terrorists who work for the CIA.

But either way, this is not good at all.

Right now, there appears to be a relatively good chance that Donald Trump has Corona.

They said Jair Bolsonaro had it, then they said he doesn’t have it. He was sitting with Trump at dinner when he would have been infected.

The Jew at the table is confirmed for having the virus, but he’s not sitting right next to Trump. If Bolsonaro has it, there is zero chance Trump wouldn’t catch it at this dinner. And they would have every reason to cover that up.

And you gotta think, if you go to dinner with this guy he must just brag for 5 hours. And you know he wants whoever he’s meeting to suck up to him, so he would have had breaks to let the infected Bolsonaro speak.

And I mean, other than this meeting with Bolsonaro – Trump isn’t worried about this virus at all, so you know he’s just meeting with anyone, and basically we all might be infected at this point.

It is possible that the CIA released this virus just to harm China, and it got out of control. It’s also possible ZOG wanted a global pandemic, and they’re going to use this as a distraction as they start a war with the entire world.

If Trump does get Coronavirus and die, Mike Pence is going to be president, and he will use this Coronavirus situation as a cover to start a war with Iran and probably Russia.

America is the only country in the entire history of the world that has allowed government officials to give political speeches under the backdrop of a giant flag of a foreign country.

He’d probably pick Mike Pompeo as his own Vice-President. Then maybe he’ll get Corona mysteriously and die, and you’ll have Pompeo in charge, just sending the military across the planet to attack every enemy of Jews while they’re weakened from this virus.

It’s this guy you want to worry about. And I believe that his satanic ambition knows no bounds. He is a pure servant of Lucifer himself. A year from now, he could be in charge of the country and we could be at war with China, Russia and everyone else in the name of a global ZOG empire.

Look – not saying that’s going to happen.

Just saying it could happen.

It’s on the table.

I’m saying Iran should probably chill.

Of course – them chilling doesn’t really help anything, because the CIA can just use terrorists they control to dress up like Shiite militias and attack Americans in Iraq.

There must be some kind of way outta here, said the joker to the thief. There’s too much confusion, I can’t get no relief.

And uh…..

Did you see this?

That is really, really lucky, huh?