What Happens When You Liberate White Women?

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 8, 2017

What happens when you liberate white women?


Of course, the “Nazi feminists” will claim that it is only a minority of white women who do this. Obviously that is true, but it is a much bigger minority than anyone wants to admit.

These cucks will use data from dating apps and marriage statistics to try and prove their point.

Dating Website Data

Women who go on dating websites are not looking for casual sex partners, which is what they use these monkeys for. They are looking for relationships. Typically, these sites are used by women in their late twenties and thirties who are trying to find a provider to lock down.

Marriage Data

No one has ever argued that these whores are marrying their brown sex toys in any significant numbers, so I don’t know why the white knight brigade brings up marriage data. Actually I do know why: because their arguments are fundamentally dishonest. Either they are protecting their own fragile psyches or they are protecting their skank goddesses by putting forward this useless data.

Data That Would be Actually Useful

Useful data on who women are fucking would be to go to bars at bar closing time and survey who is leaving with whom.

That is the only useful dataset that you could actually collect that I can imagine. This would be easy data to collect, as the people leaving would be drunk and would answer your questions.

You would record:

  • Age
  • Race
  • Country of origin
  • Height
  • Immigration status
  • Income bracket

If you did this, what you would find is that young white women throughout Western Europe, and to a lesser but still extreme extent in America, are casually fucking brown people on an industrial scale.

That is the fact of the matter, and these people claiming “but muh marriage statistics” are absolutely the most full of shit white knight cuckolds on the planet.

Our Women are Being Stolen from Us

Women are stupid. They have the brains of children, if the children were possessed by some demonic desire to destroy everything around them.

They are not something that should be treated as “people,” but instead as property.

So the “good girl”/”bad girl” dichotomy is absolutely valueless  in any discussion of women or women’s rights, and simply obfuscates the reality that every woman if fully “liberated” will behave in the exact same way, which is the most destructive way imaginable, which is a lot of sex with brown people, making all sorts of outrageous demands, tearing down everything that white men have built, etc.

People who want to try and defend “women’s rights” and the claim that women possess human agency by trying to obfuscate the numbers of women engaging in this behavior by putting forward irrelevant data sets are missing the point, which is that before the “liberation,” 0% of women were engaged in this behavior.

The Alt-Right agenda is not simply about reclaiming our land, it is about reclaiming every aspect of our civilization, an important element of which is our women. Women are the possession of their fathers, to be given away to men which the father believes will be good caretakers.

Not that it matters that much to me at this point, but this is also the situation that is best for women. Right now, teenage girls have the highest suicide rate they’ve had at any point in human history. Women have continually reported lower levels of happiness as they’ve been further liberated.

This is because women are incapable of regulating their own behavior in any sphere at all – not simply in the sexual sphere.

Why are They Doing This?

People have accused me of promoting the idea that white women go with black and brown men because they prefer them. I have never made that claim, I have simply pointed out the objective reality that they are doing it on a mass scale. I have no idea why they are doing it, because I’m not a woman. Nor do I think it matters why they are doing it – who gives a shit what is going through a woman’s mind? Why would you even want to know that?

If I had to guess, I would guess that it is just another way to hurt white men, who they associate with their fathers, who obviously did not do a very good job raising them, rather than a genuine preference for black dick.

But then there is also the reality that these men are more violent and aggressive than the now neutered and sissified white man, and that white women in particular have a fixation with violent, aggressive men.

So it’s probably more than one thing. The point is that it is happening, and it needs to stop happening, and the only way we are going to stop it from happening is by taking women’s rights away.

In the meantime, we can implement social shaming techniques, such as publicly making statements to women with monkeys. But again, most of the offenders will not be out in publicly with them – they simply get them from the bar for a night. However, if we are able to create a culture of general hostility toward this behavior, we will be able to cut down on it a lot.

The first thing we must do is acknowledge the reality that the behavior of women is the biggest and most immediate threat to Western civilization.

nb4 “but Jews are behind everything” – of course they are, that goes without saying. Or it should go without saying. They are the ones that liberated these women. And you will note that this was their first “liberation.” Before the race revolution, before the fag revolution, before the immigration revolution, before the tranny revolution, they liberated women. Because women are the Jew’s foot soldiers in the war against white men.

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