What Happens If the Jews Steal New Hampshire From Bernie Sanders?

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 11, 2020

If Bernie doesn’t win in New Hampshire, this entire thing is a proven scam.

All the polls have him in the lead.

If he doesn’t win this, then it’s a confirmed scam.

I would like to think that after 2016, his supporters will flip out if he has his second nomination stolen from him. But the response to Iowa, where it was pretty clearly stolen from him, brazenly, was muted.

I guess it was muted because so many people on Twitter were literally muted by that website, having been accused of being part of an election hacking conspiracy.

But some of these media people supposedly support him. I didn’t see any outrage from Vox or any of the other supposedly far-left websites.

I also – shockingly – did not see antifa rioting.

They will riot against white people, but for whatever reason, they won’t riot for their own communist leader.

Or maybe they don’t consider Bernie their leader? I don’t actually know. I would assume that he’s the one most of them prefer. But they can bus thousands of people into Charlottesville to attack people whose opinions they disagree with, but can’t organize any kind of protest against the faked caucus in Iowa?

It’s sort of like these aren’t even real people. Like they’re just a bunch of drug addicts paid by the FBI to shut down people’s freedom of speech.

Maybe all of the real Bernie supporters are just shy nice guys like Michael Tracy and they just like getting rolled over because they never forgave their mothers?

We’ll have the results for you as they arrive, which won’t be until evening.