What Happens If the Comments Aren’t Censored?

Me and the boys in the comments section of every website on the internet

I go to a BitTorrent website every week or so and check the top movies.

Both younger and older people might be unaware, as it is really a millennial thing: BitTorrent is a “peer-to-peer” file-sharing protocol (not totally dissimilar to the one cryptocurrencies are built on) which allows you to download copyrighted materials from other people’s computers. The files are broken up into pieces and people share pieces of the file while they are downloading it. The files are not on any server, but are being downloaded from multiple individual computers.

It’s like this:

And a special treat for you, dear reader: the animated gif version:

I don’t recommend that anyone use BitTorrent if they’re in a country where it is illegal (it is legal in Nigeria) or if they’re still tempted by pornography (all torrent sites are filled with porn). But I enjoy looking at the top films and shows as it keeps me in touch with the culture.

I of course never download anything, because even though I live in Nigeria, I follow American copyright law out of patriotic sentiment. I just flip through and look at what is popular. I always want to make sure I’m in touch with the mainstream zeitgeist, as much as possible. Frankly, the zeitgeist is fragmenting in the culture, and it’s becoming more and more difficult to say what “mainstream” culture actually is.

Regardless, I really enjoy the top ten lists, as this seems to be the most “pure” way of knowing what is genuinely popular (particularly among the millennial demographic, which use torrents the most). One time someone tried to claim that “black on blonde” cuck porn was not actually popular, and that Jews were losing money making it and just doing it to humiliate the girls. However, I have found that top ten most popular porno lists usually contain 2-3 black on blonde pornos. Obviously, this is an international platform, but it does seem to me that there is genuine interest in black on blonde porno. (To be clear, you can’t see the actual porno unless you click it; I just look at the names.)

My theory with porno is that when people get addicted to it, they look for sicker and sicker stuff, because you need sicker and sicker stuff to get the novelty that will produce dopamine. Right now, it seems anal and incest are very popular. There is only one black on blonde, but that is still ten percent.

That is a digression, but it’s important to mention the threat of porno whenever possible. This vice is draining men of their testosterone and vital life force. Testosterone levels lower every time you ejaculate, and people who are addicted to pornography sometimes ejaculate multiple times per day, or at least once a day, which is a contributing factor to the overall drop in testosterone. Furthermore, as seen above, men become sick perverts, and you can’t have all that disgusting crap in your brain and then go talk to your mother and other family members, or normal friends. You will lose the ability to make eye-contact and basically just shrink as a human being if your brain is filled with anal stepmom creampie images. Very often you are able to identify chronic masturbators by their pudgy physique, nervous tendencies and inability to make eye-contact.

The stereotypical millennial is a stereotypical porn addict. I realized much too late that most of the main people in the Alt-Right were porn addicts, and that this was the source of their impotent rage (or at least why that impotent rage metastasized and became so self-destructive). If you are:

  1. Addicted to porn, and/or
  2. Fat

You have a problem you need to solve before you start thinking about anything else.

However, I wanted to mention the comments. I enjoy the comments section on the BitTorrent site, because as you might imagine is the case with international copyright violators, they do not really care about censoring speech. Therefore, virtually every comments section devolves into what every comments section would be if it were not for censorship: far right-wingers arguing with communists.

When you see any of the very few places left on the internet where freedom of speech is allowed, you realize quickly just how brutally censored we truly are. Any time people are allowed to speak freely, they start talking about Jewish plots.

In the top ten on Monday was a film called “Unholy.”

This is the plot description:

A hearing-impaired girl is visited by the Virgin Mary and can suddenly hear, speak, and heal the sick. As people flock to witness her miracles, terrifying events unfold. Are they the work of the Virgin Mary or something much more sinister?

So it’s a satanic film.

This is the comments section:

It’s leaning left, because millennial trash leans left. But note that the anti-Marxist South African guy got more votes than the Australian reddit atheist.

This is a standard comments section on torrent sites. This is of course what the internet was turning into when the hammer of censorship came down in 2017. But we really do not realize just how censored we truly are.

Sometimes you see right-wing people on Twitter or on YouTube and you think “oh well, there are still people out there saying this stuff, they’re letting it through.” But the reason they are letting it through is so that you think “they’re letting it through.” They are slowly tightening the amount of right-wing content that they allow through, and being more and more specific about who they allow through.

If the internet was free, like it’s supposed to be, leftists would be sent out in waves to try to argue with us, and we would win every argument. Slowly, all of the youth would start to recognize that we are winning the argument, and would start to side with us, simply because we were the winners. Of course, there would still be homosexuals and pedophiles on the left. There would be some brown people too of course. But on the whole, normal people would side with the right, because we would be winning so hard.

We would also be able to spread good information about health and fitness (such as meat-based diets and anti-masturbation material) and anti-woman/anti-girlfriend facts which would help people in their personal lives, and that would make them all the more endeared to us.

The left can only win through mass censorship. I have never wanted to censor the left. Never in my life would I ever think of doing such a thing. I would censor pornography and other obscene material, but I would not censor any form of political speech. You should always be able to work through your arguments and win debates, and if you can’t, there is something wrong with your arguments. That is the purpose of freedom of speech: it keeps a society clean and pure.

I remember hearing an Alt-Right leader say that he didn’t believe in free speech, and I said: “well, then you must be wrong.”

To nb4:

  • Violent speech and threats are already banned and have always been banned under the First Amendment. If you want to understand the principle of freedom of speech better, go read about the history of the First Amendment on Wikipedia. It is perfect, there is nothing to add.
  • As far as China – this is a totally different race with totally different cultural norms, none of which are really all that much related to the Western concept of personal liberty.
  • Also, the basic fact of reality is that China has a whole lot more freedom of speech than America has in 2021. That is an objective truth, which you can try to hair-split, but the fact of reality is that virtually all Chinese people can post whatever they want to post on the internet, while at least half of Americans cannot do that. Saying “it’s a private company that took your freedom away so it’s different” is really at this point no different than claiming that a private company can murder you. It just simply does not make any logical sense. If the government guarantees you a right, it means that they will defend it. Furthermore, when you look at the way the government subsidizes Twitter, Facebook, Google, Amazon, etc. (not least through tax incentives and infrastructure), these are not really “private companies,” and the government is cooperating with them to take away your rights.
  • Regarding the need for Russia (and other countries) to censor Twitter and Facebook: this is a situation where the companies go into a country, become the de facto platform for speech, then start censoring the people they disagree with in order to change the political order in Russia. This is the opposite of freedom of speech. It is allowing a foreign entity to censor your public conversation.

Freedom of speech is the core value of Western civilization. Free and open public debate is the basis of the whole social and political order. When the censorship begun in earnest in 2017, Western civilization was on a ticking clock, counting down to collapse. That’s what you should understand: the people who think they can move and shape a society that already exists by pulling out the foundations of it are not going to be successful.

The coronavirus hoax is a result of censorship. Me and the boys could have stopped it single-handedly myself with the statistics from the supposed “virus outbreak” in Italy which were totally available before Anthony Fauci said there was a problem.

The boys

Freedom of speech is still the single most important issue, but we already lost completely. The internet is already totally censored, and they’re now coming for the last holdouts. So now, the most important issue is you leaving the city, not getting vaxxed, and staying healthy and fit by not masturbating.

(Do you see how I tied it all together like that?)

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