What Exactly Do the Rioters in Hong Kong Claim to Want? Specifically?

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 3, 2019

The situation in Hong Kong has escalated. On Monday, the rioters invaded a government building and tore down paintings and spray-painted the place.

The riots are being organized by Joshua Wong, who has been a professional protester since he was 13 years old. He was a lead organizer of the Western-backed Umbrella riots of 2014. He is a beta male and obviously some kind of CIA shill.

The Chinese aren’t outright stating that these people are CIA shills. At least not in English. But they are saying that they are products of the Jewish education system – in particular, they’ve singled out a “liberal studies” class that is taught in schools in Hong Kong.

South China Morning Post:

Former Hong Kong leader Tung Chee-hwa on Wednesday said he was saddened by the recent violent protests in the city and believed teaching liberal studies at secondary schools was partly to blame.

Tung, now vice-chairman of the nation’s top political advisory body, the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, also backed Chief Executive Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor, who was embroiled in the snowballing crisis over the suspended extradition bill.

Hundreds of demonstrators stormed the Legislative Council on the 22nd anniversary of the city’s handover to Chinese rule on Monday, breaking windows and daubing graffiti in the chamber.

“The liberal studies curriculum is a failure,” Tung said. “It is one of the reasons behind the youth problems today.”

While he did not elaborate what was wrong with the subject, pro-establishment politicians have blamed it for politicising young people and encouraging them to take part in protests.

They had earlier expressed concerns over a government-tasked panel’s decision last week to keep the subject as mandatory in the Diploma of Secondary Education exam.

Tung said the authorities must look into the identities of the people who stormed the legislature and prosecute them, suggesting there were ringleaders in the movement which had so far appeared leaderless.

“Metal rods and trolleys have been used [to crash the glass doors]. There are ‘professionals’ among them,” he said.

Yes, “professional rioter” is the closest they’ve come to saying “CIA shills.”

There is no way that a single course leads to Chinese people behaving like Planet of the Apes, Baltimore. What happens is that you get these CIA shill leaders, then you get followers that have learned good English and have gotten into some CIA propaganda against China online.

None of it makes any sense outside of this entire thing being a setup by the West to instigate young people into going apeshit.

Because: What are their demands? 

What do they actually want? 

During the Umbrella riots, they said they wanted “democratic elections” – but why? 

I am a pretty active political activist myself, and I don’t care about democratic elections, unless they would result in actual goals that I have. I certainly do not have a goal of elections for the sake of elections – that makes no sense at all.

So what could these Chinese possibly want? China is a good, stable country, and the government fights for the rights of the people.

I myself have very clear reasons for not wanting my country to be controlled by Jews and their ideologies:

  • Multiculturalism
  • Feminism
  • Homosexualism
  • Globalism (immigration, wars, free trade)

And I have very clear policy demands:

  • Ban Jews
  • Strip “new Americans” of US citizenship (declare that the 1965 immigration act was illegal and thus their citizenship was awarded through fraud)
  • Deport tens of millions of nonwhites
  • Remove women’s rights
  • Re-criminalize homosexuality
  • Reinstitute the First Amendment
  • Ban pornography
  • Black repatriation to Africa
  • Bring back prayer in schools
  • Nationalize or otherwise regulate and tax multinational corporations operating in the US
  • Ban domestic spying by the government and corporations
  • Ban drugs and impose stiff penalties for drug abuse
  • Ban toxic chemicals in food, including soy and high-fructose corn syrup

And I have many more policies. But most of it is simply reactionary. I just want to return to the social norms we had before the country was stealthily conquered by scheming Jews.

I can’t think of one possible concrete demand that a Chinese rioter would have, unless they were a homosexual, a pornographer or some other kind of degenerate.

“Freedom,” “democracy” and “human rights” are abstract concepts that, if they do not translate into actual real world demands, are completely and totally without meaning.

I guess that in China, you could be demanding access to an uncensored internet. That is maybe a realistic and reasonable demand that someone could have.

But as far as that goes:

  1. They already have free internet in Hong Kong
  2. China blocks the internet specifically to stop the CIA from doing what they are doing in Hong Kong right now, and because it is filled with pornography and other bad things, and
  3. It isn’t an extreme enough demand to warrant rioting and throwing white powder on people

The other thing is just “corruption.” There of course is a lot of corruption in Chinese business and politics. But Emperor Xi has vowed to remove corruption, and he’s made massive, massive steps in that direction. Just as he’s made massive steps in building up the Chinese middle class.

The fact is: they do not have any clear demands, they are only demanding abstractions, which ultimately amount to nothing more than buzzwords.

So I don’t know how anyone can look at this and think it is anything other than what it obviously is: A CIA plot.


A commenter gave the Jewish media line on this protest, and I realized I perhaps hadn’t fully addressed it, so I’ll post his comment and my response below.

He wrote:

The protesters in Hong Kong are (correctly) matching against an extradition bill proposed by the Hong Kong authorities that would allow HK citizens or foreign nationals accused of a crime in Hong Kong to be put on trial in mainland China by Communist Party kangaroo courts.

Obviously people tried in Hong Kong have more rights and a much better chance of getting a fair trial.

And I replied:

What crimes are they planning on committing in mainland China that they need to be afraid of extradition?

Or are they just worried that they’ll get in a car accident and get sentenced to 419 years for murder?

Everything about your post is bullshit, but you’re just saying what the TV is saying so I guess I should have went through all of this point by point.

Firstly, the extradition law excuse is just an excuse for a riot. Hong Kong has been in the process of integrating into the Chinese system since 1997. At any point in this process, various laws are being changed. And any of those laws could have triggered a protest. This one is triggering a protest at the same time as China is being attacked by the US because the US runs these protests. It isn’t some super-weird coincidence.

Secondly, there is no evidence at all that China just randomly charges people with crimes they didn’t commit. They don’t even get accused of that. They get accused of being too strict on people. Because the US doesn’t think someone should be executed for dealing drugs. I tend to side with China – people should be executed for dealing drugs. But whatever you feel about that, the fact of the matter is that the Chinese have a right to decide what their laws are.

There are no “kangaroo courts” in China.

The Western media is outright lying about all of this, because they are the ones behind these riots. It is the same thing they did in Georgia, in Libya, in the Ukraine, in Syria, or any of the other places they have used shills to stage fake pro-Western revolutions against enemy governments.