Whatever Happened to Harry Reid?

Remember Harry Reid?

He was in the government.

Did you ever wonder what happened to him?

Well, I can tell you what happened: he became a private detective.

Unlike when he was working in the government, he is actually solving problems.

He recently solved the mystery of Mrs. Wilson’s missing watch.

He also solved the popsicle stand robbery.

Along with this, he cracked the case of the raped woman.

Further, he solved the mystery of the dancing bush.

Just this morning, he solved the mystery of the exploding man.

And, the mystery of the fat man.

And also, the mystery of the molested boy.

So, if you have a mystery that needs solved, you can call Harry.

He’ll get right on the case.

Clearly marked:

(The last thing I need is to get sued for accusing Harry Reid of solving mysteries.)