What Else are They Allowed to Do? No More Moral Taboos in America

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 6, 2015

Everything is awesome!
Everything is awesome!

According to a new Gallup poll, moral standards in America are dropping like a brick made of quark-gluon plasma hurled by a steroid-infused MLB pitcher from the International Space Station.

Americans have become less likely to say that two issues are morally acceptable: the death penalty and medical testing on animals. But Americans’ decreased acceptance of these practices actually moves them in a more liberal direction.

These results reflect the same type of shift evident in the public’s self-reported ideology on “social issues.” More Americans now rate themselves as socially liberal than at any point in Gallup’s 16-year trend, and for the first time, as many say they are liberal on social issues as say they are conservative.

Key trends in Americans’ views of the moral acceptability of certain issues and behaviors include the following:

The substantial increase in Americans’ views that gay and lesbian relations are morally acceptable coincide with a record-high level of support for same-sex marriage and views that being gay or lesbian is something a person is born with, rather than due to one’s upbringing or environment.

The public is now more accepting of sexual relations outside of marriage in general than at any point in the history of tracking these measures, including a 16-percentage-point increase in those saying that having a baby outside of marriage is morally acceptable, and a 15-point increase in the acceptability of sex between an unmarried man and woman. Clear majorities of Americans now say both are acceptable.

Acceptance of divorce and human embryo medical research are also up 12 points each since 2001 and 2002, respectively.

Polygamy and cloning humans have also seen significant upshifts in moral acceptability — but even with these increases, the public largely perceives them as morally wrong, with only 16% and 15% of Americans, respectively, considering them morally acceptable.

Clearly, such things do not just happen randomly. So there must be a cause. The cause, obviously, is aggressive social engineering – how can anyone look at this data and not see that?

Having seen that, how can they not then easily see the Jew behind it?

Please pay Jews shekels to brainwash your children or they will have no future.
Please pay Jews shekels to brainwash your children or they will have no future.

Of course, one should not expect the masses to understand anything at all. But those with above 120 IQs must be capable of looking at this and being like “well, something’s up.”

And the thing here is, no matter what your own beliefs on these moral issues may be, having the masses of people change their opinions like this can only be negative for society. That is objective fact. Nothing good can come from more people believing things that were banned for the express reason that they made society unstable are now good.

Seriously – these things were not banned at random, and they certainly weren’t banned “because the Pope.” They were banned because they negatively effected the social order. Which is the precise reason Jews promoted them.

No one benefits from this. Even sexual deviants don’t really benefit from it. So they can do publicly what they used to do in secret – is that actually a benefit? Didn’t they like the secretiveness of it? Is being naughty a major part of sexual deviance?

So – why?