What Does It Mean That Trump Fired Kristjen Nielsen? Is This Good?

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 8, 2019

We’ve been calling for Donald Trump to fire Kristjen “Old Saddle Bags” Nielsen for a while, and on Sunday he finally did that.

So what does this mean?

Is he cleaning house?

Is he going to finally fire Jared and Ivanka soon?

I seriously doubt it.

It is much more likely that he finally fired Kristjen in the same way that he eventually fires everyone EXCEPT Jared and Ivanka.

Seriously, this is the highest turnover rate in White House history. No one who started there two years ago is still there, other than the Jew and his wife. Literally, every single person has been fired or quit.

So while I’d like to think this is a move in the right direction, it most likely is not.

However, it could be an attempt at that.

Her firing was clearly in response to her failing to be able to come up with a single answer for Tucker Carlson, whose show Trump watches every night.

That was a horrible trainwreck, and she absolutely deserved to be fired based singularly on that one interview alone, as I wrote over the weekend.

Beyond that, Trump recently changed the ICE nominee on the advice of Stephen Miller. And Miller was I’m certain telling him to fire Kristjen. So it’s possible that he’s leaning that way.

But if he is, it is really only a matter of time before Kushner steers him back on the Kushner course.

I’ve just read Vicky Ward’s book Kushner, Inc. (I posted the first part of the review of the book today, and will be posting parts daily for a week if not longer – there’s a lot to go through). This is by far the single most important thing written about anything related to Trump, and it was very timely. It illuminates everything about his presidency, from the time he announced (and before), and provides an understanding of what’s going on that we previously had no view of.

Overall, the book really lessens my anger at Trump. It doesn’t exonerate him for what has happened, of course, but it does allow me to understand what he was dealing with. And basically, the way Kushner was able to weasel his way in there and manipulate everyone meant that there was nothing that could have happened other than what did happen.

Basically, the final conclusion I made from the book is that Jared is simply a representative of his father in the White House, and that it is his father that is planning everything. In the book, Jared puts his father on speakerphone on his phone and tells people it’s his lawyer, and I’m sure he does the same thing surreptitiously in meetings with Trump. And he is in every single meeting.

Kushner was even able to manipulate and Jew over Steve Bannon – and get him actually on his side on certain things before he destroyed him. He was even Jewing over other Jews! There was literally no one ready for what this Jew did, least of all Donald Trump.

So while it made me less angry at Trump on a personal level, it also made it clear that there is almost no possibility whatsoever that anything about the way the White House operates is going to change. He is not going to fire Jared, which would be the only way to change anything, because of the incredible Jewish skill Jared has in manipulating him.

So I wouldn’t get excited about the¬†Kristjen firing.

As always, we’ll wait and watch.

But I’m telling you right now:

  1. It is 100% impossible that anything will get better if he doesn’t fire Jared and Ivanka, and
  2. There is virtually 0% chance he is going to fire Jared and Ivanka

That is just the situation.

If he brings in Kobach, I’m going to be a little bit excited, but the fact of reality is that Kushner will just thwart anything Kobach tries to do. Trump has never been particularly normal, and right now he is clearly not well, and Kushner is quite simply running the White House.