What Do White Knights Even Want?

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 26, 2020

I can’t post on /pol/ because they have banned all IP addresses from my home country of Nigeria.

But I see things sometimes and want to post.

Like this:

That had this image – the idealized image that white knights have of sluts:

The responses were all playing the white knight’s game, giving reasons for hating these sluts.

This was the best response:

I don’t know if it’s actually the same girl.

It looks like the same girl.

But the point remains regardless: any cute 19-year-old girl is just the larvae of a brutal 23-year-old abortion-mongering harpy.

But the point should actually be that the white knight’s two questions do not follow.

He asked:

Why do you hate white women?


Do you really want the white race to die out?

The easiest response is “I hate white women because they’re causing the white race to die out.”

A better answer is “I don’t even hate them, I just take issue with their behavior and think that the only solution is to vastly restrict their behavior.”

I’ve personally seen this claim made a lot: “if you are negative toward white women, that will have a negative effect on the birthrate.” But there is no evidence to support this claim, and no one has even explained logically how it works.

The actual fact is that it doesn’t matter if anyone hates or loves these whores, the white race is going to die out because of their choices either way. Men’s opinions on them are not affecting the trajectory of their decision-making.

The negative feelings towards women do not exist in a vacuum, but are the result of witnessing a pattern of female behavior throughout our lives. Behavior which is designed to make men miserable, to accumulate power for themselves, to engage in sadism, and to avoid being mothers or ever having any form of responsibility at all.

The white knight theory that if we are all super-respectful to women they will have mercy on us and start being good wives has already been tried, and it failed miserably. White women will always, always, always interpret male kindness as male weakness and exploit that weakness in order to destroy them.

What is more: if all men took the same realistic position on women that I take and that many other anti-white knights take, women would be collectively forced to change their behavior. What you are doing by honoring and cherishing these whores is simply enabling them to behave the way they do, which is ultimately going to lead to a birthrate of zero.

If all white men went on strike, a percentage of these whores would simply go to brown men. Probably a large percentage. But a good portion of white women, for whatever reason, simply are not interested in brown men. And if we all refused to engage them, they would demand that changes be made so that we would start engaging them again.

White knights do not actually care about the birthrate. They are mentally ill because they were raised by single mothers, and their entire psychology is geared around seeking approval from women. They will stand by and enable women to completely destroy civilization.

We have to remove the rights of these whores if we wish to have any hope for any kind of future. This is beyond you not having a gf. This is at the point where by refusing to breed, these whores are going to literally wipe us out as a species.