What Did Netflix Mean by This???

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
November 3, 2018

Presumably, they are referencing Kevin Spacey here. He’s had his life absolutely destroyed by the whole #metoo thing, which is impressive considering that he was a homo and those guys have the Gay Mafia on their side, protecting them.

But yeah, he’s been kicked off the show where he was the main character. Which is so Orwellian, idk how people aren’t talking about it more.

Think about it. 

They actually expect normies to be ok with the main character of a show just disappearing and the show continuing on without any mention of that character anymore.

They did the same thing with Roseanne.

They just killed her off-screen with opioids. And they expect audiences to just accept that.

It’s no different than Soviet attempts to airbrush out history.

We make fun of them for doing it then, but in America, they’re doing it in real time – and not on some old black and white photos, but on shows that people watch in HD on their MacBooks.

House of Cards without Kevin Spacey’s creepy pedo character just isn’t the same.

Not saying that it was actually any good to begin with, mind you. In fact, I gave up halfway through season 3 like most normal people. But still…

Anyways, Netflix seems to think that the era of the White middle-aged man must give way to the era of the White middle-aged woman.

After which point, it will certainly be handed off to the Browns.

But don’t tell the White wimminz.

They think that their reign is nigh.

It is amazing how our popular media reflects the zeitgeist of the age so well.

I’d say that it was deliberate, but I’m not well-versed enough in the learned traditions of the elders to understand exactly how they are manipulating reality with such precision.

They even did it in the last season of Game of Thrones. 

Which is all about a foreign invasion led by another empowered white womyn.

Everywhere you look, they’re beaming the same message at the populace.

“White woman, your time is nigh!” – that seems to be the over-riding message in popular media right now.

Betray your husbands, betray your nations, climb to the top and then hand power over to brown people. 

These kikes are absolutely diabolical.

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