What Did He Mean by This?

President Trump’s tweet following his admission to the Walter Reed Hospital last night contained a typo that is impossible to do by accident. The second “L” in “well” in the above tweet is a capital “I.”


You can copy the text from the tweet yourself and look at it. It’s definitely a capital I.

It’s virtually impossible to make this mistake when typing, even if autocorrect is turned off (and we know Trump’s autocorrect isn’t turned off on his phone).

I guess there’s some way that he screwed up and moved the I from “I think” back into the body of “well.”

That seems unlikely, however.

It seems more likely that it is a secret message.

Don’t Let Them Gaslight You

Don’t worry about Trump’s infection. He’s not going to die and he’s most likely not even going to get sick.

I think going to Walter Reed was a mistake, politically. The best thing would be to just say, “whatever, I’m just gonna order pizza and watch the gorilla channel for a week and a half.”

I’m sure he was pressured to go to the hospital, and he apparently believes in the virus to some degree himself, but this puts him in a position where after he’s better, he won’t totally be able to say “just get the virus, it’s not a big deal,” as he will have gone through the most extensive and expensive health treatment in the world, which most people cannot get.

But whatever the case, he doesn’t have anything to worry about. The media is likely going to keep claiming that he’s dying, they might even come out and say he’s already dead. But he’s not going to die, unless he is poisoned.

Frankly, this would be the perfect time to poison him. Hopefully, they won’t let Ivanka in to see him. I wouldn’t put it past her to slip him something in the name of the in-laws.