What Did Daily Wire Writer and Ben Shapiro Employee Josh Hammer Mean by This?

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 13, 2019

Josh Hammer: It’s hard to believe he could be pure evil, given that he has such a handsome and honest-looking face.

Josh Hammer, a Daily Wire editor at large, said on Tuesday that “Jew hatred is in the DNA of Europeans.”

He deleted the tweet without explanation, but it’s been archived.

That’s certainly one way to look at race – certain races are genetically hardwired for a hatred that is defined as evil, meaning that this race is genetically evil.

Frankly, I’m not personally going to take issue with the core concept that it is possible for an ethnic group to be genetically hardwired for certain behaviors. And I think we should be able to have an open discussion about what those particular behaviors are, and how those behaviors advise their interactions with other ethnic groups.

I’m not really seeing that Jew hatred is inherent in European DNA.

I am seeing that Christian hatred is inherent in Jewish DNA. I’m also seeing that criminal behavior, perverse sexuality, financial scams, lying and a desire to dominate non-Jewish societies is also inherent in Jewish DNA.

But I’m certainly willing to have an open discussion with Daily Wire editor and Ben Shapiro employee Josh Hammer about what behaviors may or may not be hardwired into the DNA of both our races. And I’m not triggered if Josh thinks I’m genetically predisposed to Jew hatred, and hope that he will not be triggered by my beliefs that Jews are genetically predisposed to these behaviors I’ve listed.

The thing is: last week I listened to a speech where he said that race is “nothing but melanin content in the skin,” and made the outrageous claim that anyone who disagrees with that statement is stupid and evil.

“Race does not have ideals, it’s just a melanin level,” Shapiro declared. “It’s just a skin color or a place of origin. If you think it does, you’re absolutely indistinguishable, you are identical to the identity politics left, to the intersectional left.”

That is pretty definitive, I think.

So I’m not sure exactly what is going on here.

I guess this Josh Hammer person will be fired for violating the principles and values of the Ben Shapiro group in such a flagrant way.

As I understand it, the core values and principles of Shapiro and the Daily Wire are that race is simply the color of the skin, and that people of all races are completely interchangeable. So I just can’t see how he could let one of his employees go around saying something like this.