What Democracy? Greek Golden Dawn Party Convicted of Being a Criminal Gang

It’s nice to be able to just declare your political enemies a criminal gang.

Really makes ruling over people a lot simpler.


In a landmark court ruling, Greece’s far-right Golden Dawn party has been found to be operating as a criminal organization. The five-year trial had 68 defendants and included the murder of a rapper and cases of violent attacks.

Protesters held banners comparing the political party, which is controversial for its fiercely anti-immigrant views, to Nazis as they stood outside the Athens courthouse. Videos show the massive crowd filling the main roadway and side streets surrounding the building. Fights broke out in the crowd, with police using tear gas and a water cannon to restore order.

In its decision, the court ruled that seven of the party’s former lawmakers, including party leader Michaloliakos, were guilty of running a criminal organization. In total, 68 defendants were involved in the case, including 18 former parliamentarians.

The trial considered four separate criminal charges involving the murder of Greek rapper Pavlos Fyssas in 2013, attacks on migrant fishermen, attacks on left-wing activists and whether Golden Dawn was involved in criminal activity.

The trial began in 2015, after a supporter of Golden Dawn was accused of murdering Fyssas, who was known for his anti-fascist views. As a result, Michaloliakos and more than a dozen party members were arrested and charged with participating in a criminal enterprise. Golden Dawn claims that the trial is a political witch-hunt.

Yes: a soccer hooligan who was ostensibly a supporter of the party stabbed an Antifa during a riot, so they arrested the entire party, including 18 members of parliament, and said they all worked as a part of a criminal plot to stab this one random guy.

They did early morning raids, with masked men holding assault rifles.

It was totally insane. Just an openly retarded hoax, actually somehow even dumber than the Russiagate thing.

This was years in the making and it isn’t surprising.

Basically, Golden Dawn was at the point where there was a real chance they were going to be elected to run the country. So the government just started arresting them on complete nonsense charges, and claiming they were a criminal gang.

The Greek government was under massive, massive pressure from all of these international groups, in particular the Jews. If an openly fascist, far right party had seized power through the electoral process in a Western European country (albeit a Southern one), it would have made everyone in every other country say: “Hey, why don’t we get some of those hardcore guys to deal with our problems!? They seem to know what’s up with crap – and they deal with it! We’ve got all these problems and nobody ever does nothing! Get us some of those marching guys with the flags to fix this crap in our crap over here!”

What this shows is what we’ve already seen with the persecution of Donald Trump: “democracy” is not a real thing. It’s a staged hoax. They will let you vote as long as you stay within the lines. But electing people who actually do what you want them to do was never part of the deal.

Jews view it like this: you can go to McDonald’s and order a Big Mac or a Quarter Pounder. If you walk up to the counter and order a handjob, you get kicked out of the store.

McDonald’s doesn’t offer handjobs. Democracy doesn’t offer politicians who do what you want them to do and actually solve your problems.

Golden Dawn was awesome.

They were good optics.

However, to be fair, they did do some stuff that wasn’t great. Like the AfD in Germany, they were constantly getting caught doing Nazi stuff.

Not that they shouldn’t be allowed to do Nazi stuff. But it’s a bad idea. It doesn’t really help anything, ever. You can do everything like the Nazis, you can march around with flags, do salutes, honor the heroes, etc. etc. etc. Frankly, most people are comfortable with all of that and don’t recognize it as Nazism.

But it’s better not to actually do literal Hitler Nazism. When you do that, like when you get caught at the beach with a swastika tattoo, or something, then you’ve left an opening for attack. You don’t need blurry pictures of you doing that thing with your arm.

There’s just no reason. It doesn’t help anything, ever.

I don’t want to do victim blaming here. Again, they should be allowed to do Nazi stuff if they want to. There is no reason they shouldn’t be allowed to do that. But the simple reality situation is that it increases risks and adds little to nothing.

It’s very sad what’s happened here. I lived in Greece personally, back in 2012-14, and spent a lot of time hanging out with these guys.

They are very good guys, and they really love their country. Good, great folks who really cared about family happiness and taking care of the people.

Everyone who believes in this scam of democracy should be looking at this. Whatever your political affiliations might be. If a political party, with many members in the parliament, can just all of a sudden be declared a criminal gang because a soccer hooligan stabbed a communist at a riot, then you do not have a democracy, you have a sham.

But come on.

Come on, man!

Everyone knows what’s going on here.

Some of us are against it, some are apparently in favor of it – but we all know what’s going on here.