What are Black People Saying About the Jussie Smollett “MAGA Country” Attack?

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 4, 2019

Before we get into black people’s opinions on the alleged MAGA hate crimes attack on the homosexual black Jew actor Jussie Smollett in downtown Chicago, I just want to mention that when you type “Jussie Smollett” into YouTube, the first four videos and almost all of the rest of the videos are about the alleged attack.

Very little about whatever his career was before the attack.¬†This certainly indicates that people didn’t know much about the guy before the attack and that this is by far the biggest point in his career.

And virtually all of the videos are calling the attack a hoax.

If you type “Jussie” into the Twitter search, this is what autofill options it gives you:

So the whole narrative is not going all that well.

Obviously, there are conservatives and Trump people all around calling this a hoax, but I’m much more interested in what the blacks are saying – and there are more black responses on YouTube than white responses.

The Blacks Speak

You don’t have to watch these, but I’ll include all the videos for reference and give you the gist.

I’m gonna go stick to the responses of the normal black people and skip Based Black Guys, because these are two separate categories and I want to make it clear that normal, white-hating black people don’t believe this story are are calling this guy out.


The top video is currently “What the hood in Chicago is saying about Jussie Smollett situation.”

This nigga talkin bout “Manga country.”

I would be more likely to believe that they shouted “this is Manga country” in Chicago. And that this was some kind of anti-live action hate crime attack by weeaboos.

The YouTuber doesn’t give any sources for his data on what the hood is saying, but I get the impression that he is a resident of Chicago, and has also been through Black Twitter to see what the other blacks are saying.

The basic thinking is that he was “cruising” – which is black slang for homosexual meetups – and was either attacked by some former lover he ran into, or used a gay dating app to try and meet someone who attacked him after agreeing to meet him at a Subway. He says he and most of the hood believe the second scenario.

He says the theory is that he then called his manager and his manager told him to tell people it was a MAGA hate crime.

Fun observation: This black YouTuber keeps awkwardly referring to homosexuals as “his kind” in the video, in this way that is almost like he’s trying to avoid triggering hate speech rules. I wonder if blacks get kicked off of YouTube for talking about faggots?

The Star Report

The next normal black guy video is from a guy with a professionally formatted show.

Although he comes across at first as borderline BBG or BBG adjacent, you can look at his other videos to see that he’s not a BBG, just a normal black person. He is 54-years-old, apparently (they do age well, you gotta give em that), so he’s going to have generally less hatred for white people. It seems to go down with their testosterone levels.

He asks: “I don’t mean to laugh, but what white boys are running around at two o’clock in the morning with ski masks and ropes attacking black people? Are we that gullible?”

He says: “There are certain behavioral patterns that apply to certain cultures and/or groups.”

He goes on to forward a homosexual meetup theory similar to the one in the first video.

He actually specifically states that he’s afraid of getting banned from YouTube for talking about fags, so apparently this is something they’re aware of.

He did a followup video, expanding on his theories.

GossipGirl XOXO

This is definitely not a BBG. This is a large, angry black woman.

I recommend clicking this one for a second, because this is funny.

She says: “Sumbuddy he met on grindr. Jussie, ain’t no way you goin out der at sub-zero lookin for a goddamn sub, okay? And how would they recognize you because you’d be all bundled up. They can’t see you in no goddamn cold, Jussie.”

She also did a follow-up video, which is also popular.

Black people are basically obsessed with attacking this gay black Jew.


Here’s another black woman.

She talkin bout “Magna hat.”

She’s got three-quarters of a million followers. I didn’t even really know about black YouTube culture. I guess they all have phones, it makes sense that they’re making their own entertainment media. That’s good for them. Better they watch real niggas than Don Lemon and Barack Obama telling them to riot.

Anyway, she’s saying the same thing – that he’s a liar and was going for a gay meetup, she goes through the impossibility of it and the stupidness, says that white people don’t do this.

As a white person watching these, I feel like they’re defending me. They’re actually definitely not doing that. They’re just stating it as a matter of fact that white people don’t do this, and he’s a gay liar.

She mentions that some other gay black guy is saying he thinks he’s a liar.

Leonard Rroy

This guy apparently lives in Chicago.

He says: “That’s about as believable as R. Kelly falling in love with a woman that’s 32 years old.”

Bretty gud.

He says that the area he was in is a known party area. I hadn’t heard that. Obviously, there are cameras everywhere, we’ve been hearing that.

He then just says the same stuff they’re all saying – white people don’t do this, he’s a fag, etc.

“You know gay and drama go hand in hand. I know it, yall know it, everybody know it.”


Just the same thing again – he met someone on grindr, he lyin.

Dede in the Morning

This is an actual on-air black radio morning show, with a bunch of normal black people saying he’s lying.

They’re more careful about the gay stuff.

Are There Any Black People Supporting Him?

There are not any black people I can find supporting him, other than in Hollywood. Everyone on YouTube, and everyone I’ve seen on Twitter, is calling him a liar. I’m sure you can find some frizzy-haired mulatto bitches at some university saying they support him. But you need to understand that this new form of black person being promoted by the media – the “woke” socially liberal black – is a tiny minority of the black community.

Most blacks are still the same way they always were.

The Thing About the Blacks

So, what are the takeaways here?

Well, the most obvious is that black people hate gay blacks a lot more than they hate white people. To be fair, the general perception of homosexuality in the black community is that it is being foisted on blacks by a white conspiracy. So gays are looked at as some kind of race traitors. But I guess blacks keep to the “traitors go first” rule.

The thing you need to understand about black people is that unlike Moslems, Jews, the Chinese or even Mexicans, they have no cohesive collective racial agenda. Which is why they will call out some lying Jewlatto even when it goes against their own supposed racial agenda. Because their supposed racial agenda is actually just a Jewish agenda that they are not really especially concerned about.

None of them really believe all that strongly in this “white oppression” narrative, and they certainly don’t believe shit that they know is made up, such as that they are being regularly attacked by white people on the streets.

The reason that blacks go along with the “oppression and racism” narrative is that they just generally dislike white people, as a rule. And Jews have presented them with the oppression and racism narrative as the easiest way to voice their dislike for white people.

All but a small minority of blacks would also pretty much agree 100% with any right-winger about gays, women, immigrants and so on. They will even agree about some of the more abstract things like free speech. I’ve seen black people talking about Daily Stormer and saying “you know, if that be his opinion, he got a right to be said that.”

Basically though, if it wasn’t for Jews, having a 10% black minority in America would not really be that big of a deal. It would be a problem, but nothing like the problem of mass immigration. George Lincoln Rockwell said in the 1960s that Jews were using blacks as a battering ram against the white population, and that is really the long and short of it.

All things being equal, blacks are not some dangerous enemy race intent on conquest. They are simply a dangerous nuisance.

I’m comfortable with this situation that has developed since Donald Trump, where blacks and their issues have been put in the background, and we’re focused on immigrants and trannies instead of Black Lives Matter. Immigrants and trannies are not only bigger problems than the blacks, they provide much easier ground to fight on.