What About the Sex Habits of Quail on Cocaine?

Is it really “quails,” Dr. Paul?

I’m pretty sure it’s just “quail,” like your meme says.

We should spend $466,000 on figuring out the plural form of “quail.”

Rand Paul doesn’t get it: the government can print money forever and the only thing that will happen is that Tesla stock will keep going up.

There is literally no other consequence.

All of this money is being dumped into ultra-bubbles.

Obviously, it will eventually all collapse. But acting like it makes a difference if Joe Biden’s spending bill is $1.8 trillion or $6 trillion is ridiculous. It is a pointless exercise in Rand Paul jerking off coked-up quail on the Senate floor.

Rand Paul is for sure one of the better Senators (though that isn’t saying much of anything). But doing this “fiscal responsibility” thing in current year is just nuts.

More than 1/3rd of the total dollar supply was minted during the first 10 months of the “coronavirus pandemic.”

There is no possible reality in which this economy is reined in. Even if every person in the government wanted to do that, it would not be possible.

Clearly, at some point, the plug will be pulled on the stock and housing bubbles and everyone will find out that there is 50 times the number of dollars in circulation as total numbered value of collective assets, at which point the dollar is worthless and all people who aren’t rich are poor.

At that point, they’ll bring in a new “digital dollar” that will be linked to an international system, you will have no job and live in a box and be doled out an allowance like a child. Everyone will be completely dependent on the state for survival.

That said, it is clear that this is not supposed to happen immediately. These bubbles can last a long time. They are pumping up the economy right now, saying it’s booming and we’re ready for a great economy (for no reason).

The best you can do is own property outside of the city. That’s the only piece of economic advice I’m willing to give. Don’t ask me about Bitcoin, because I have no idea. I know that it will do better than the dollar, but as the dollar is going to collapse to the point of needing replacement, that isn’t saying anything.

Rand Paul would do better just warning people that it’s already happened and this is the future they chose.


The “cocaine quail sex” thing is literally a 2011 meme.

The quail of course did have more sex on cocaine.

Meanwhile, there has been a massive movement to legalize marijuana, a drug that lowers testosterone and destroys sex drive.

There has been no attempt to legalize cocaine, despite the fact it is safer than marijuana and non-addictive.

The excuse is that blacks will make crack out of it, but they already do that.

At this point, fentanyl is de facto legalized but people still get arrested for cocaine.

They’re probably just trying to protect us from the totally real HIV, which causes AIDS, and which, by the way, has nothing to do with homosexuality.