Whacked-Out Nutjobs Forcing Troops to Take Doom Vax

The really crazy part is that we have no idea how many of these soldiers are quitting as a result of being forced to take the vax.

The government isn’t saying and the media isn’t asking.

I’ve seen a lot of clips of soldiers saying people are walking out in large numbers. But you don’t know what that is. Anyone can go on the internet and say anything.


Four branches of the US armed forces have announced vaccination deadlines under a Pentagon mandate to inoculate the entire military, with the army the latest to set a hard date for personnel to receive the jab.

Active-duty army personnel will be required to be fully vaccinated by December 15, the branch announced in a statement on Tuesday, noting that reservists and National Guard units have until June 30, 2022.

“This is quite literally a matter of life and death for our soldiers, their families and the communities in which we live,” said US Army Surgeon General Lt. Gen. Scott Dingle. “Case counts and deaths continue to be concerning as the Delta variant spreads, which makes protecting the force through mandatory vaccination a health and readiness priority for the total army.”

Soldiers may request exemptions if they have a “legitimate medical, religious or administrative reason,” the army said, though it added that those who “who refuse to be vaccinated” without an exemption will face “administrative or non-judicial punishment,” up to and including “relief of duties or discharge.”

The army’s announcement follows similar moves by the navy, air force and Marine Corps. Earlier this month, the air force set a November 2 date for all active-duty airmen, while other personnel were given a December 2 deadline. Members of the Marines and navy must be fully vaccinated by November 28; reservists have until December 28.

The branches moved to set deadlines on the heels of an order by Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin in late August, which required all 1.3 million active-duty soldiers to be vaccinated against the coronavirus, but allowed each service to determine exactly how to implement the mandate.

It’s also interesting that no one knows what “fully vaccinated” means right now.

It has meant “two shots,” but Fauci implied that soon, for the government, it will mean three shots.

We know the fourth is also coming, because Israel has already started it, and the US does everything Israel does.

Here’s one of the clips of a solider saying troops are quitting and it will make the military incapable of operating.

But are you even allowed to just quit the military?

Who knows. I don’t know.

There were a lot of these clips of soldiers saying this, but they keep getting deleted.

That one will probably be deleted by the time you read this.

Who is still worried about this supposed virus?

Like really – who is sitting around worried about this?

It has to be only a fraction of the number of people who are worried about the vaccine.

You know who isn’t being mandated to take the vax?

Members of Cobra.

Yeah, Cobra Commander said he’s concerned about the virus, but people have to have some freedom.

(That’s maybe a Norm MacDonald style joke, right?)