Western Media Decides to Report: Suicide Killed More Japanese in a Month Than Corona Did All Year

Two weeks ago, I reported:

Today, CNN reported the same headline – but with a feminist twist:

Of course, that’s a very deceitful way to word a headline. Women are “impacted most” because their percentage of total suicides has gone up. Men still make up the overwhelming majority of suicides in Japan, as in everywhere else in the world.

I reported that women make up only one third of the total deaths. CNN wrote:

The pandemic appears to have reversed that trend, and the rise in suicides has disproportionately affected women. Although they represent a smaller proportion of total suicides than men, the number of women taking their own lives is increasing. In October, suicides among women in Japan increased almost 83% compared to the same month the previous year. For comparison, male suicides rose almost 22% over the same time period.

There are several potential reasons for this. Women make up a larger percentage of part-time workers in the hotel, food service and retail industries — where layoffs have been deep. Kobayashi said many of her friends have been laid off. “Japan has been ignoring women,” she said. “This is a society where the weakest people are cut off first when something bad happens.”

In a global study of more than 10,000 people, conducted by non-profit international aid organization CARE, 27% of women reported increased challenges with mental health during the pandemic, compared to 10% of men.

Compounding those worries about income, women have been dealing with skyrocketing unpaid care burdens, according to the study. For those who keep their jobs, when children are sent home from school or childcare centers, it often falls to mothers to take on those responsibilities, as well as their normal work duties.

CNN only bothered to report this at all because they could make it about women being oppressed in patriarchal Japan.

“How can we take a story about how this lunatic lockdown agenda is killing many more people through suicide alone than the virus it’s supposed to be saving them from? Let’s use it to attack men!”

Obviously, they don’t care about women being oppressed in Japan, any more than they care about women’s wellbeing in general.

The Western Jewish media attacked Japan when they tried to implement a nice program of having girls wear badges to tell people they were on their periods so that people would be gentle with them. This was a really nice idea, which I’m sure could have helped a lot of women. But when white women started whining about it, they stopped.

They don’t want women to be healthy, they want them to be aggressive, dominant psychos, assaulting the basic structure of society. Actually helping women be women and deal with woman problems doesn’t help that agenda.

It is all about attacking the established order. It sounds a lot better to say “we want to promote women’s rights” than it does to say “we want to dismantle the traditional structure of society in order to cause chaos and destruction.” This makes the defenders of order the bad guys.

If they actually cared about women, they would explain the real reason why the lockdown is increasing their suicide rates more than the suicide rates of men: it’s because women are more social, and thus more affected by anti-social policies.

I shouldn’t have to cite a study, because it’s obvious. But here’s the abstract from a Georgia State University study from last year:

Females find same-sex social interactions to be more rewarding than males, and females are more sensitive to the rewarding actions of oxytocin than males, according to a new research on the brain mechanisms that determine the rewarding properties of social interactions.

Obviously, CNN could have called up any psychologist, and they would have told them exactly this. It’s not esoteric information and it isn’t exactly politically incorrect either.

Maybe CNN thought it would make women seem weak (like the period thing) to say that they need constant social validation from other women or the chemical levels in their brains fall and they just start offing themselves. Or maybe they just want to constantly push this “women have so many problems in a man’s world because of systematic inequality” narrative with the economic stuff.

But hey – don’t worry, Jews. Men’s suicide rates will take the lead again when the real economic fallout hits, because men are much more affected by attacks on their work. The same will happen in the West. The death toll from this lockdown is going to be phenomenal.

No matter how we decide to address human nature, even if we decide to deny it completely, it still exists, and remains the deciding factor in the behaviors of human beings. The string-pullers deny the existence of human nature in their media, while at the same time, exploiting it to destroy us.

I hope the nips are okay. I like the nips.