Western Companies Setting Up “Plant-Based Meat” Factories in China as Coronavirus Fuels Dystopian Diet Plan

Of course, one of the key elements of the vast social transformation riding in on the back of the coronavirus is that you will have to be a vegan.

You will be lucky if they let you eat bugs.

After you eat plant-based meat, you’re going to be begging to be allowed to eat bugs.


A small but growing coterie of Chinese companies are betting on a bright future for plant-based meat products as consumers take their health more seriously in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Though still a niche business compared to China’s giant meat supply chain, vegetarian alternatives to meat are gaining ground following health scares like the novel coronavirius and African swine fever, analysts and industry insiders said.

U.S.-based Beyond Meat Inc said last week it had signed a deal to open a production facility near Shanghai and earlier this year launched a partnership with Starbucks Corp for its plant-based meat products to be sold by the cafe giant in China.

Beijing-based startup Zhenmeat, whose products include plant-based meatballs, beef patty, steak, pork loin, crayfish and dumplings, is one of many small Chinese companies entering the market. Its “meatballs” are now available on a trial basis at a Beijing store of Chinese hot-pot chain Hope Tree.

Now after COVID-19 consumers are more concerned about health and restaurant brands are responding to this,” Zhenmeat founder and CEO Vince Lu told Reuters in an interview, adding that sales were “up considerably” since June.

Many curious customers at the Beijing Hope Tree restaurant said the meatballs – made from a base of pea and soy protein – tasted like tofu.

“Actually you can tell that it isn’t meat but the feel of it in your mouth is very similar to beef. And I guess that plant-based meat is a little healthier than beef,” said Audrey Jiang, 30.

It’s not because people are more concerned about health.

It’s because the people are going to be living in abject poverty, and the government will be deciding what they eat, and the government is going to decide they can’t eat meat.

They will tell them that this is about saving the environment, but it is actually about weakening the bodies of the people.

For the most part, they’re not even going to feed you some handsome fake meat burger that looks like real meat.

They’re going to force you to eat sloppy government soup made out of soy that they deliver to your homeless encampment in plastic bags.

The good news is, with your deliveries of low-quality government soup, you’ll also be receiving high-quality fentanyl.

If you want to avoid this hell: the best you can hope for in this future is to live on a farm, where you have your own chickens, with their eggs, and a milking cow.