(((Western Alliance))) Starving Entire Nation of Yemen to Death

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
June 5, 2017

Last month, President Kushner personally facilitated a $100 billion dollar arms sale to Saudi Arabia in order to bolster their disastrous military campaign against Yemen.

The conflict in Yemen is complicated. The Houthi rebels, who are pro-Iran Shi’ites, have formed an alliance with the legitimate – but “deposed” – government of Ali Abdullah Saleh to fight against a Sunni terrorist coalition composed of terrorist groups ISIS and Al-Qaeda and the “legitimate” governments of the Sunni Arab Gulf states. The Houthis are fiercely anti-Jew and seek to install a state according to the principles of the Iranian revolution (which are quite enlightened compared to Sunni Islamic governments).

International Jewry has marked them for death.

The Saudis have been attacking Yemen for a few years now, with the full support of the US and Israel. These useless ragheads have all the modern weapons oil money can buy, but have an inept officer class, and are making very limited gains, leading many to wonder if they haven’t caught themselves in a quagmire.

The Houthis have steadfastly weathered the multi-national invasion up to this point, so now the Saudis are resorting to starving the whole country to death.

Jews like this filth are behind US support for the Saudis

Unlike in the case of Syria or whenever refugees die heading to Europe, the Jewish media is covering up this mass murder by the Saudis. That’s because Jews hate the Houthis. Missing are all the virtue-signaling professional cuckservatives (like S.E. Cupp) and Kike groups that like to feign concern about the hoax gas-babies of Syria.


Max Boot, Elliot Abrams, Bill Kristol and all the other slimy Jewish neocon anti-whites are all applauding this sadistic Saudi campaign, while at the same time demanding “humanitarian intervention” against Assad.

Without our government’s support, the Saudis would’ve been driven back a long time ago. The humiliating defeat at the hands of Saddam while retreating from Kuwait in 1991 should tell you all you need to know about Saudi military incompetence.

The Independent:

Yemen and its people are engulfed by utter devastation. In the two-plus years of the conflict between the Houthi movement and its allies, including former president Ali Abdullah Saleh, and an interim government supported by a Saudi-led military coalition, more than 10,000 people have died – and not just because of violence.

Two thirds of Yemen’s 26 million people live with the reality of famine, with about 7 million already suffering from acute malnutrition. Of this number, more than 3 million face acute malnourishment. In these conditions, a child under five dies every 10 minutes. What’s more, the World Health Organisation is sounding the alarm over a new cholera outbreak in the country, which has killed hundreds of people and put some 150,000 at risk.

For starters, the ongoing famine is mostly the result of the Saudi coalition’s ongoing naval blockade, which targets not just weapons but also the food imports on which Yemen is almost entirely dependent.

The fixation on Western involvement also overlooks the actions of the Houthis, who have contributed to the crises underway today – not least via their protracted ground operations and siege of the city of Taiz. Meanwhile, Yemen’s economy has all but collapsed, and its financial institutions are seriously mismanaged. This means that even where food is available, people cannot afford to buy it.

The situation could deteriorate further yet. The Saudis and their allies have long been preparing an attack on the Houthi-controlled port city of Hodeida, so far a crucial supply route and lifeline for Yemenis, and have requested direct US military aid. In response to that request, a bipartisan group of members of Congress wrote to Donald Trump and his defence secretary, James Mattis, demanding that they end the US’s support for the Saudi campaign. The same members have threatened to take legislative action to insist on congressional oversight of the US’s role in the conflict.

Trump’s obsession with Iran will be his government’s downfall. He might think supporting the Jew agenda abroad will give him leeway to execute his program domestically, but that’s not really working out that well, is it?

The Jews want it both ways.

Jews: They will settle for nothing less than everything.

Why is the US involved in the Middle East? Why, if we’re going to be involved, are we backing terrorist rogue states like Saudi Arabia and Israel over civilized entities like Iran or the Houthis?

All of the terrorists killing us in the West belong to the sect of Islam the Saudis export and the Iranians are trying to contain.

The only way any of this makes sense is if you name the Jew. That is why all the mainstream anti-war publications that criticize US foreign policy never adequately address why we’re helping starve millions of children to death in Yemen.

Which is why, like the Houthis, we must curse the Jew!