West Virginia: Third Whitest State Goes Full Mask Monkey

These are the whitest states in the United States:

  • Vermont 95.4%
  • Maine 94.8%
  • West Virginia 93.7%
  • New Hampshire 93.4%
  • Iowa 90.9%
  • North Dakota 90.2%
  • Montana 88.3%
  • Kentucky 88.1%
  • Wyoming 87.7%
  • South Dakota 86.5%

If you lived in one of those states, you would think you were living in a white country.

Unless you lived in West Virginia, in which case you would think you were living in a sadistic Jewish psychological trauma experiment being implemented against the most sheltered population of white people in the country.

West Virginia has gone all-in on masks in a way that no other conservative white state has.

Ten days ago, the governor of the state ordered the entire population to wear masks virtually all the time.

West Virginia Metro News, July 7, 2020:

West Virginia has joined the growing list of states mandating masks to try to reduce the spread of Covid-19.  Governor Jim Justice’s executive order that took effect at midnight last night requires all West Virginians age nine and above to wear face coverings at all indoor public places where social distancing cannot be maintained.

The order comes as the number of Covid-19 cases in the state is on the rise.  The Department of Health and Human Resources dashboard shows 119 positive cases last Saturday, the most of any day since the pandemic began. That was followed by 87 cases on Sunday, the second most of any day.

The rate of positive cases per test is now moving toward four percent, meaning the higher number of infections is not simply a result of more testing.

If that were true, then deaths would also be going up. There is a static percentage of people who will die if they are infected with the virus, something like 0.009%, so if infections were actually going up and not simply seeming to because of a statistical anomaly (or fraud) in the testing apparatus, more people would be dying.

The local news also outlined the issues with the order.

Justice’s order is controversial for a variety of reasons.

First, does the Governor have the authority to issue such an order? West Virginia State Code 15-5-6 gives the state’s chief executive authority to act to protect “the safety and welfare of the inhabitants of the state.”

For example, the Governor can order evacuations, control access to certain areas and even suspend provisions of regulatory statues during a state of emergency. Ordering mask-wearing during a pandemic would seem to fall under that statute.

Second, will ordering mask-wearing help slow the spread of the virus? There is plenty of research and expert opinion suggesting that it does.

The medical journal The Lancet recently published a meta-data analysis of 172 observational studies across 16 counties that concluded that wearing a face mask and social distancing helped to reduce the spread.

Additionally, a review of virus statistics in June by the National Governor’s Association found that in states that required mask wearing in public the number of Covid-19 cases declined, but in states where mask wearing was optional, the number of positive cases rose.

Third, how are West Virginians going to respond to being told to wear a mask?  That is the great unknown.  I have done a couple of unscientific online polls and typically about three out of four respondents say they wear masks when in public areas.

If three out of four people actually wanted to wear masks before the order was issued, then the system had already won. Taking away people’s freedoms is primarily not based on force, but based on justifying the act of taking away people’s freedoms.

If people were stupid or naive enough to believe in this virus hoax, then forcing them to do things that ostensibly protect them from the virus was easy.

To understand this submission, we can perhaps look at the Aztecs. These people were doing large scale human sacrifices, killing many, many peasants. They were telling them that if they didn’t kill many people, the sun would disappear. By tracking solar eclipses, they were able to make the people believe that it was possible for the sun to disappear, and so people were convinced to go along with the human sacrifice.

It’s a more or less identical situation with the masks. I think if Anthony Fauci came out tomorrow and said that human sacrifice was going to be necessary to stop the spread of the virus, the same number of people who are wearing the masks would agree that this was necessary. If you’ve already gone this far, you’ll go as far as they ask you to go.

The local media in West Virginia is inundating the people with virus hysteria. Here’s an op-ed from a local media columnist saying that if 95% of people wear masks, the virus will disappear. He frames himself as a right-winger sympathetic to the people of the state, and states this mystical voodoo plan as scientific. In fact, it is about as scientific as human sacrifice to stop the sun from disappearing – according to this theory, the flu and every other virus would also disappear forever because of masks, which no one believes. According to this theory, we could have just wiped out every virus in existence decades ago using this method.

Towns in WV are beginning to impose fines on people for not wearing masks, which is even more illegal than the governor ordering them to wear them in the first place, but again – anything is legal if people do not resist, and the longer this stuff goes on, the more it is established as normal and the less people are going to resist.

West Virginia is the ideal of an extremely conservative and white state, so to have them still, in July, all in on this hoax is an extremely bad sign. Again, for this to work, the people have to consent to it. From what we are seeing, the people are consenting, and white people are at the front of the line.

No wonder President Trump posed for that mask photo.

He’s going to have to engage this madness or just lose the election.