West is Mad That China is Stealing the IMF’s Bit

We all know the thing, right? It’s from the 1990s. We all know about the IMF.

We’re hearing a lot in the tubes about how China is dealing in unethical loans.

Of course, with this latest situation in Laos, if you replaced the word “China” with “International Monetary Fund” and the word “Laos” with “literally any non-communist third world country from 1948 to the present,” the materials would remain accurate.

TFI Post:

The infamous Chinese debt-trap diplomacy is spreading its deadly tentacles and is fast-tracking China’s aggressive expansionist policy as it seeks to occupy the assets of foreign countries. Laos has become the latest victim of the Chinese debt trap as after strategically dehydrating the country and burying it under unsustainable Chinese loans, China has occupied the country’s national power grid after Laos is struggling to avoid defaulting on Chinese debt.

In a worrying development, Laos will cede majority control of its electric grid to a Chinese company as the country struggles to avoid a default on Chinese debt.

For the uninitiated, the modus operandi of China is to influx smaller, less resource-rich countries with truckloads of Chinese money under the garb of Belt and Road Initiative with punishing repayment terms would allow China to occupy strategic assets of the defaulting country.

It is unsurprising to know that China is Laos’ biggest creditor which paved the way for power grid shareholding deal between state-owned Electricite du Laos (EDL) and China Southern Power Grid Co.

Bangkok Post reports that China Southern Power Grid Co would now gain majority control of the new Electricite du Laos Transmission Company Limited.

Armed with Chinese money, Laos has spent heavily on hydroelectric schemes and a new Chinese high-speed railway, with the projects being at the centre of a debt crunch.

According to the rating agency, Moody’s, the country’s debt service obligations this year is estimated to be around $1.2 billion with foreign reserves plummeting to just $864 million in June.

Toshiro Nishizawa, a Japanese professor who has advised the Laos government on fiscal stability, said, “Economically Laos is going to depend more on China and this is inevitable.”

Despite Laos emerging as Xi Jinping’s all-weather ally as it was the first country to endorse Xi’s political message of “building of community of common destiny”, China has attempted to dehydrate Laos.

Laos is a landlocked country of 7 million people and heavily depends on the Mekong River to quench the thirst of its population. Laos along with Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand fall in the Lower Mekong Basin which recently suffered a severe drought as the water levels in the river receded to a 50-year low.

According to a US-based research company, the damaging droughts can be largely attributed to the Chinese dams that have been holding backwaters.

Hilariously, the Wikipedia page on “debt trap diplomacy” acknowledges that the IMF invented this, but then says China is the one doing it now:

Debt-trap diplomacy is carried out in bilateral relations between countries with a negative intent. The creditor country intentionally extends excessive credit to a debtor country thereby inducing the debtor into a debt trap. This is done with the intention of extracting economic or political concessions from the debtor country when it becomes unable to honour its debt. The conditions of the loans are often not made public, and the borrowed money commonly pays contractors from the creditor country. Although the term has been applied to the lending practices of many countries and the International Monetary Fund (IMF), it is, as of 2020, most commonly associated with the People’s Republic of China (PRC). Bilateral agreements made as part of China’s Belt and Road Initiative have furthered this association, especially regarding commodity-backed loans to developing nations.

The reason the IMF isn’t so heavily associated with this behavior as of 2020 is that they now engage in a foreign aid scheme, which is just a different way to extract resources from a shithole country for the cheapest way possible. (Basically, these countries now have economies that are dependent on money that their economies don’t have the ability to produce, so the West can just say “give us what we want or we’ll cut the funds.”) But that’s neither here nor there, and also – who the hell even cares?

No ethical person could argue that either the West or China are prone to dealing ethically with third world shitholes. Wikipedia claiming, “yeah but we don’t do that anymore tho” is actually idiotic. Everyone understands that China now views itself as a competitor to the West, and in order to compete with the West, they have to compete with the West, which means they have to basically copy the practices.

The difference is that China isn’t controlled by Jews, so the Chinese don’t have a gross agenda to force everyone in the countries they financially occupy to have man-on-man anal sex with one another.

This is known as “gun BOOM diplomacy.”

What’s more, unlike either the USSR or the post-war “West,” China doesn’t invade countries with a military.

To be 100% clear: I don’t think China is following some Western model of ethics. I think basically, the Chinese ideal is that whatever is good for China is ethical, as “good for China” is their definition of ethics. So unlike the West, they’re not preaching some wishy-washy bleeding heart gibberish while sucking the blood from the bleeding throats of third worlders.

But understand this: even if China was driven by ethics, they would have no choice but to engage in this IMF strategy, because it is the only way they’re going to be able to compete with the West.

And of course: if they don’t compete with the West, the West overthrows their government and replaces it with a “full anal” regime.

You all just watched the US State Department fund a gay Antifa uprising in Hong Kong.

Apparently, some gullible idiots believed that all had something to do with this wishy-washy stuff about how “everyone on earth has a right to ram his penis into another man’s anus and thrust it wildly.”

Paul Joseph “Rawdawg” Watson, a sadistic homosexual neoconservative and jump-cut artist, went to Hong Kong, presumably on the part of the State Department, to try to use Pepe the Frog memes to convince right-wing morons to “support Hong Kong” because it was just about “freedom” (something that the United States has a duty to deliver to slant-eyed Chinamen, according to Watson).

But this jig is already up.

Back in July, Pompeo gave a speech at the Nixon Library – and also a long interview – where he said in plain language that his goal was to overthrow the government of China.

He apparently chose to give the speech at the Nixon Library because his premise was that Nixon was wrong and we can never be allies with China, so we have to use every means to destroy them.

Look: no American should ever really have to think about China, or the ethnic makeup of the board of directors at the electric company in Laos. This doesn’t relate to any of our lives. But the agenda of people like Mike Pompeo is to trick Americans into caring about this. As we are locked in our houses, not even allowed to work, we are supposed to be longing to bring true anal freedom to the slopes.

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Pompeo has an army of media figures supporting him: Sean Hannity, Mark Levin, National Review, Rebel Media, Paul Joseph Watson, Joey Gibson, Glenn Beck – these people are telling you that your primary concern should be Chinese people having freedom.

I would like to stop talking about it completely.

This is the issue we need to be concerned about with China: trade.

That is to say: bringing our manufacturing back to America.

However, when Mike Pompeo talks about trade with China, he openly says that he wants to move the factories to Vietnam. American workers will not be working in those factories, so the only purpose would be to hurt China – not help America.

Basically, if anyone starts talking to you about China like it is an important topic, they’re trying to trick you.