West Coast Fires: 33 Dead, Dozens Missing

California and Oregon remain incapable of stopping the fires raging across the West coast, and they continue to grow.

We are probably looking at the biggest weather-related disaster in American history.


Dozens of wildfires tearing through communities across the West have left at least 33 people dead, and authorities fear dozens more are missing and unaccounted for.

Of the people killed since some of the fires broke out in mid-August, 22 have been in California, many of them in the past few days. Ten people have been killed in Oregon and one child was killed in Washington state.

Across the West, 97 large fires were burning Saturday, including 12 in Idaho and nine in Montana, according to the National Interagency Fire Center.

Smoke from the massive blazes is making the air quality unhealthy, federal air quality monitors warned. That can irritate the lungs and cause inflammation, which can affect the immune system, making people more at risk of lung infections such as coronavirus.

Here’s the story of one family of victims.


Relatives are trying to piece together the events that led to the deaths of a boy, his grandmother and the family dog as a wildfire consumed their Oregon home earlier this week.

Deputies in Marion County, Oregon said they found the remains of 13-year-old Wyatt Tofte and 71-year-old Peggy Mosso inside of a vehicle. According to family members, Wyatt’s dog Duke was in his lap — a fact that has brought some small amount of comfort to those who loved him.

Search and rescuers had been looking for Wyatt since he ran from his home as the Beachie Creek Fire approached on Tuesday afternoon.

Family members told KOIN 6 News the power had gone out earlier at the house and Wyatt’s dad had left to try and find a generator so he wasn’t home when the fire reached their home. Wyatt’s mom Angie Mosso woke up to fire surrounding their home with no way out.

Wyatt’s mom, Angie Mosso, helped her elderly mother — who was ailing from a broken leg — into the car. But the tires were burning.

“The flames were all around it and around the car,” said Wyatt’s great aunt, Mary Tofte.

“If I was in that situation and I thought it was life or death, I would tell my child to run,” said another great aunt named Susan Vaslev.

At about the same time, Wyatt’s dad Chris Tofte was desperately trying to reach his family. He blew past road blocks as he traveled toward his home.

Chris came upon a woman crawling along the road but didn’t recognize her. He stopped for her but was frantic to continue on and rescue his family.

“He helps her into the car and then he’s saying, ‘I’m really sorry but I’ve got to keep going because my family is up there,’” said Susan. “He said, ‘I got to get up to my son and my wife.’”

That’s when the woman, who was badly burned, whispered that she was his wife.

Chris drove Angie back to a checkpoint and handed her off to paramedics. Then he drove back into the inferno to look for his son. But his efforts were in vain.

Deputies with the Marion County Sheriff’s Office found Wyatt’s remains, along with the remains of his grandmother and dog, after clearing a path through a charred hellscape the next morning. They were found inside the family car.

“He got in there and tried to drive the car and started coming down the hill and then went off to the side for some reason,” Susan said. “I guess all the tires were just burned up and everything, the pavement was so hot.”

Wyatt died a hero, attempting to protect his grandma and his dog.

Remember Wyatt and his dog when you consider the fact that the FBI appears to be actively attempting to botch investigation into who is responsible for these fires.

Over the weekend, an Oregon man was arrested and charged with starting one of the fires.

In my view, Michael Jarrod Bakkela looks like a standard member of Antifa.

Again, I have to say: Antifa has been starting fires in Portland for months on end.

You then see that there are fires all through Oregon, and the FBI comes out and makes all these statements that it is impossible that Antifa is the one starting these fires, even as a man who looks like Antifa is arrested.

This speaks to the larger problems with this situation with the FBI running these Antifa terrorist groups. I do not think the wildfires are part of a larger agenda, and were probably not started by Antifa on the orders of the FBI. However, because the FBI runs Antifa, there is no way for them to be investigated.

An entire criminal cartel is above reproach.

This is extremely problematic. I wish that instead of just complaining about Antifa all the time, right-wingers would begin complaining about the fact that the US Attorney General William Barr is protecting this group.

People are dying, dogs are dying.

We need another government body to investigate the FBI and the Justice Department for what they are doing to this country.