We’re Supposed to Believe All Nazi Soldiers Were Movie-Like Villains

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
January 30, 2020

Holocaust Protagonist Anita Lasker-Wallfisch

I know a lot of German people and when I see them, I can immediately tell that they’re pure metaphysical evil.

Holocaust Protagonist Maurice Blik

They show obvious signs of having their hearts blackened by hatred, and I have no trouble picturing them doing teenage-fan-fiction-level evil stuff to innocent chosen people.

Daily Mail:

Holocaust survivors have revealed their encounters with a notorious SS officer who would hand-pick Jews to send to the gas chambers and taunt starving children with food.

Irma Grese was nicknamed the ‘Hyena of Auschwitz’ before becoming head of Bergen-Belsen’s women section, and at 22 she was the youngest woman to be sentenced to death for war crimes after the camps were liberated.

Holocaust Villain Irma Grese

Survivors Anita Lasker-Wallfisch and Maurice Blik have told about their encounters with the ‘nasty piece of work’ in new BBC2 documentary, ‘Belsen: Our Story’, which airs tonight.

Maurice, now 80, was also sent to Auschwitz from his home in Amsterdam at the age of four, and told how Grese would leave her viscous dog guarding scraps of food, hoping that prisoners would attempt to steal it and be ‘torn apart’ by the animal.

That actually, really, literally happened in real life.

He said: ‘I was sitting on the floor by the bunk and this woman walked in with her dog, the guard. She got this big apple she was eating and she’d eaten it down to a fairly juicy core.

‘She took the core and put it on the floor and put the dog next to it to guard it, gave it instructions to guard the thing, unleashed it and runs off.

It had the apple core between it’s front legs and it was snarling and growling and so on, but I knew very well I couldn’t make a grab for the apple core because that would be the end of me,  it would literally tear me apart.

Yes, dear, the dog would have masturbated you to death.

Then she came back and saw nothing had happened and thought this was amusing and so ground the apple core into the floor with her boots, so there was nothing left their to even scrape up.

‘Many years later I recognized who she was – she was notorious’.

Pictured: Irma Grese among other Holocaust Villains

Anita, now 90, was sent to Auschwitz in Nazi-occupied Poland, in 1943, where she survived by playing cello for the camp’s Women’s Orchestra, until she was moved to Belsen in 1944.

By 1945, Soviet troops had began liberating camps in Nazi-occupied Eastern Europe, meaning many SS guards were sent West, to camps in Germany.

Anita told how towards the end of her time at Belsen, Grese began to try and make amends and says she was shocked when all of a sudden began referring to the pair of them as ‘we’.

She said: ‘She’s actually the one, when it was going badly for the Germans,  started talking to me, unheard of.

She said – that I will never forget – she said “Now, we’ll soon be home”. We, suddenly we. We’re in the same group of species.

I’m quite shocked that a Jew openly recognizes that they’re an entirely different species than white people.

‘I thought “My god, things must be going badly for you”. She was trying to make herself room in my heart somehow’.

She scoffed: ‘Such a nice lady. She was such a b*****d.’

If she was that unscrupulously evil, she’d have killed the filthy lying Jew and any other witnesses of her alleged war crimes.

She added that Irma is an example of how perfectly normal people were turned into monsters simply by being given a bit of power by the Nazis.

‘You know someone like Irma Grese, how did she get into this position?’ she said.

Look. There’s a few things you need to know about the Holocaust.

The first is that exactly six million Jews died.

This number is very important.

The second is that during it, all Jews involved were the protagonists of their own movies, and survivors are only able to tell the plot of theirs because they had a happy ending.

The third thing you need to understand is that all Jewish people everywhere in the world were affected by the Holocaust, even the ones that were in other continents.

What this means, in practice, is that all Jews everywhere have a genetic memory of the Holocaust and all goyim everywhere need to never forget that it really did happen exactly as it is said to have happened because mutual understanding is the key to good communication, and good communication is something we need if we’re going to explain to the goyim why they need to be good hosts for their Jewish overlords.

Anyone can turn into a Nazi, which is why all white people everywhere need to be taught how not to be Nazis.