We’re Not Getting Our Countries Back. It’s Time to Talk About Reservations.

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 25, 2015

Please read the follow-up to this instead of this: On the Necessity of Sovereign White Territory

"Lookie here, honey - Anglin's got a plan to keep us from getting killed by Blacks - and we don't even have to convert to Islam!"
“Lookie here, honey – Anglin’s got a plan to keep us from getting killed by Blacks – and we don’t even have to convert to Islam!”

On the advice of an al-Jazeera reporter who interviewed Jared Taylor, I have done some soul-searching in the wake of the Roof shooting. After having searched my soul and finding only images of cowboys, 4chan memes, science fiction characters and Ukrainian girls, I decided to return to facts and search those again.

And the facts point to the reality that we are never getting our countries back, and we need new goals. The basic agenda of trying to take back any of these cities which have been overrun by non-Whites is simply futile and stupid, and I am having a hard time trying to figure out why I ever thought this was a good thing to promote.

Dylann Roof was mentally unsound, but his frustration is something real, and the frustration comes from a lack of attainable goals. Somehow “waking up” hundreds of millions of Whites who appear to be quite resigned to their own destruction is ridiculous. It just isn’t going to happen, ever, and setting that as the goal will lead (has led and is leading) to endless frustration.

The only logical, sensible and attainable goal is autonomous reservations for those Whites who do not wish to partake in the joys of vibrant diversity. A political lobby can be formed to promote a reservation agenda, and no one can argue with it, because any argument against it wouldn’t make any sense.

If we can have reservations, we can live how we wish to live, we can develop the kind of society we want, free of the bondage of Jews and their hordes, and we can allow the mainstream of society to continue down its present path to third world hell.

As all systems collapse under the weight of the multiculture, intelligent and otherwise high-functioning Whites will flock to these autonomous reservations, and we will maintain civilization through this age of darkness.

We will need only three things:

  1. Territory
  2. Full sovereignty
  3. Treaty terms which allow us to manufacture and develop weapons as well as maintain a standing army

It’s time to settle in and accept reality for what it is. And this is real life. We are not going to take back New York, London or Berlin. But we can survive.

This is a goal I can see brought to fruition in my lifetime, and it is a solution which can ultimately ensure that the White race continues on into the future.

So, there you have it. This site has a new and official direction.

I will have to consider how to proceed with this. The basics of the site will not change at all, as the main goal of the site is to provide the news and to bring new people to awareness about the situation we are dealing with as a people; that is absolutely needed to make the reservation agenda come to fruition.

Having realized this, I feel reinvigorated. I feel new life in my veins as I attempt to process how this attainable goal can be attained.

We shall abide.

Hail Victory.
Andrew Anglin

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