We’re Looking at a Trumpslide

This is the final map from StatesPoll, a site that compiles polling averages:

It gives Donald Trump 322 electoral votes to Joe Biden’s 216.

That is what the actual splurge of last minute polls is saying: an absolute Trumpslide.

Trafalgar is the polling company we’re interested in, because they are the ones that got it right last time.

However, most of the rest of the polling companies are now in “Cover Your Ass” mode, releasing what we can only assume are accurate polls that were covered up for the last year.

Look at this one from CBS:

They’re not showing the full Trumpslide, but they’re admitting a Biden loss.

NBC News also printed an opinion piece on Sunday saying that Trump is going to win:

Famed pollster Nate Silver, who somehow still has a job after disastrously failing to predict the 2016 election, is out there also trying to cover his Jewish ass.

These people are all falsely claiming that this is a Trump Surge. That is a lie. The fact of reality is that there was always an impending Trumpslide, but the media lied about it.

Scott Adams has had some interesting comments on the polls. He said earlier this week that the polls are done by the media companies to make money. The logic: good polls lead to big donations to the leading candidate, and Democrats do advertisement on liberal news outlets, so if CNN, CBS, NBC, etc. publish fake polls showing the Democrat winning, they get more advertisement money.

It might be more devious than that. It’s hard to really know what they are up to. But one thing is clear: they have a strategy where they say the Republican is losing badly for a year, then right at the end – as we are seeing now – they claim that the gap is closing as if by magic.

They said in 2016 that Trump won because the rat James Comey announced a new investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email server. However, as Adams points out, none of us have ever met anyone who said, “I was going to vote for Hillary, then Comey made that announcement, so I voted for Trump instead.”

This year, Adams predicts, they are going to claim that Trump won because of his energetic final rally push, and because he did a dirty trick with the Hunter Biden laptop. They’ll claim their polls were right all this time, but then everything changed at the last minute. This is all nonsense. The fact is, people are really dug in, and have been for a long time. There is no significant group of people who is deciding on whether to vote for Trump or Biden.

The thing that Adams doesn’t mention but which is important is that some people support a candidate but don’t bother to actually vote, and you can convince them to vote by energizing them, or convince them not to vote by demoralizing them. Polls would play some role in that, if Trump supporters believed the media, but no Trump supporter believes the media. So, what you have instead is a different effect from the fake polls, which works against the agenda of the left: Democrats who believe the media are convinced that Joe Biden is going to win in a landslide, so they don’t bother going out to vote. That is presumably part of what the media is trying to account for now by admitting that Trump is winning.

We’ve got 96 miles of enthusiasm here, folks.

Don’t any of you buy into anything.

Follow my plan.

And share this link with your friends on social media:


It is a guide to getting people to the polls, and it is not linked to the Daily Stormer, so you can promote it on social media without being called out.

We are going to win. But you need to vote and you need to get as many people as you can to the polls, because we need the biggest win ever.

Take tomorrow off work. Spend the whole day driving people to the polls. I don’t care what state you live in. They are trying to steal this election.