We’re Headed for the Big One: Israel Attacks Iranian Nuclear Facility Again

This is I guess sort of boring, dead news. Just something that pops up, then pops back down.

Tensions between Iran and Jews have been building since the GW Bush years, and before.


A nuclear facility in Iran was hit by a “terrorist act” a day after it unveiled new advanced uranium centrifuges, a top nuclear official says.

He did not say who was to blame but urged the international community to deal with nuclear terrorism.
Israeli media suggest the incident was a result of an Israeli cyber attack.

Last year, a fire broke out at the Natanz underground facility, which the authorities alleged was the result of cyber sabotage.

The latest incident comes as diplomatic efforts to revive a 2015 nuclear deal – abandoned by the US under the Trump administration in 2018 – have resumed.

On Saturday, Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani inaugurated new centrifuges at the Natanz site, which is key to the country’s uranium enrichment programme, in a ceremony broadcast live on television.

The reason I’m drawing attention to this is not that I think it’s important, specifically, but that I want everyone to be aware that Joe Biden’s people are aggressively escalating tensions all over the earth.

This cannot be overstated.

  • The State Department is issuing new threats, ultimatums, denunciations, and disavowals to China nearly every day.
  • The Ukraine situation is spinning totally out of control, with rapid attempts to escalate to a war with Russia in the Donbass.
  • They are bombing the Middle East and making threats.
  • They have outright refused to even consider reentering the Obama deal with Iran, and are instead aggravating and threatening them.

No one knows where “the big one” will pop off, but it is clear that we’re headed to the big one. I thought for a minute they were just going to announce a democracy feminist liberation of Myanmar. That now seems to have cooled down.

Maybe any of those spots will pop. They’re also still working on Belarus, though that is kind of the same general thing as the Ukraine, as it is border-bullying Russia.

If I’m going to be frank – and I do like to be frank with you, dear reader – there are a lot of pretty obvious things Russia could have done to prevent their own situation from getting so dire. It indicates that the world is enthralled in a satanic force.

Iran could have also done some things differently, but it wouldn’t have mattered much. The same is mostly true of China. China’s biggest mistake was allowing a situation to emerge where so many people want to go to war with them, because they haven’t done really any form of global brand management. But I want to say: these Jews in charge of the West appear to be totally and utterly unhinged, and not really thinking very clearly.

It’s easy to get wrapped up in the coronavirus hoax, the stuff with the blacks, the child trannies and forget that we are on the brink of a third World War that will likely kill hundreds of millions of people, if not more.