We’re Going All in with Stew Peters! Get Some!

A few weeks ago, I wrote a piece telling people to beware of going all in with Stew Peters.

Stew is a podcast host, rapper, and bounty hunter who regularly appears as a guest host on Infowars. Recently, Will Sommers wrote a slam piece at The Daily Beast trying to Jew Stew.

If Will Sommer is trying to Jew you by digging up or making up supposedly embarrassing aspects of your personal life (this is the media’s only strategy – they’re sure as hell not going to respond to what you’re saying), then you’re doing something right.

Frankly, Stew puts out some really crazy material, much of which I shared in my article. In particular, he talks about things such as non-metallic life discs being inside of the vaccines, and then turning into creatures with tentacles. As a rule, I try to warn people to keep a reasonable head on their shoulders when looking at “conspiracy theory” material, and these videos he shows of tiny creatures swimming around in the vaccines just look fake.

That having been said, I actually like Stew’s show, and watch it myself pretty regularly. Basically, he seems like a good guy and a good entertainer who sometimes just goes too far. He’s kind of like a parallel universe version of Alex Jones.

There was a weekend event with Nick Fuentes in New York City protesting the vax agenda, and Fox News came out and used the ADL as a source, calling Nick a white supremacist. On Monday, Stew covered the protest, and attacked Fox News.

I’ll go all in on that.

I’m ready to get some of that.

This is the fact: it doesn’t matter if Stew goes way too far with the guests he has on promoting weird things. What matters is that he is against the vax. That is the only thing that matters anymore. We no longer have the luxury of caring about anything else. Anyone who tells you anything else matters is just trying to sabotage you.

There are only two kinds of people left on earth:

  • The Purebloods
  • The Tainted Ones

This is the dividing line.

You will find that this line will divide real niggas from fake-ass bitches – all the way.

As the heat gets hotter, more and more people are going to slide off and join The Tainted Ones. In a year’s time, only the people who deserve to inherit the earth will be left unvaxed. Most people are simply too soft to ride or die for purebloodedness.

Soon, The Tainted will become ever more aggressive against those of pure blood. Some people think this is a game. If they thought it was a game and got vaxed, they are going to turn against you, because they hate the purity of your blood.

You cannot take the vaccine out again. Once you make the decision, you’ve made the decision. This is the crucible.

I will stand by any pureblood and fight this satanic vax system.

I think Stew should have Nick on the show.

It would open him up to an entirely new audience of people who want to go all in.