Wendy’s Stops Selling Burgers Due to Meat Shortages

I’m sure it’s all just going to go back to normal in a few weeks, guys.

Nothing to worry about.

Just trust the government and everything will be fine. After all, they’re the government. They’re here to help us. Just like they saved us from the flu, they will make sure that we don’t all starve to death.

Daily Mail:

Wendy’s restaurant has taken burgers off the menu in some locations and grocery stores Costco and Kroger have announced limited stocks of beef as Americans start to feel the impact of the pandemic-triggered meat shortage.   

On Monday angry customers realized the Wendy’s hallmark item was no longer available for order and only chicken items were available for takeout and delivery at select locations across the country.

‘Where’s the beef?’ some outraged social media users asked, invoking Wendy’s catchphrase from 1980s.

It’s a shocking decision for Wendy’s, which established itself as the first fast-food chain to offer fresh ‘never frozen’ beef, and it’s an eerie foreshadowing for what’s to come at restaurants across the country.

Outbreaks of the virus at meat packing plants across the country have led slaughterhouses to shutter, farms to kill off animals they can no longer feed, store shelves to empty, and now restaurants to alter their menus.

This is yet another situation where I told people it was happening, and everyone said “surely you jest, good sir?” and now it’s upon us.

The beef is going to be gone from your grocery store shelves in the coming weeks, and then the pork and chicken will go. You’ll be able to get some frozen and processed meats for a while, then that will be gone too. The government will then introduce some new plan to feed you soy and bugs or whatever.

Basically, you’re going to have two choices:

  1. Eat whatever they put in front of you, or
  2. Starve

This is the situation that the flu hoaxers brought down upon us with their idiotic lockdown hoax.

There is no way out.

We need to remember the people who did this to us. It was the entire government, including Donald Trump. It was virtually every media figure. It was most of the corporations, who are gouging us as small businesses go under permanently.

Everyone who promoted this is either a scared little faggot or a shill who is involved with this government agenda to strip us of our freedoms, collapse the economy, and make us all cattle.

No one who was on-board with this agenda can ever be trusted again.

We need a new government, we need a new media.

We need new political figureheads.

We need people who believe in freedom.

We might end up in the Revelation of John science fiction hell. Or we might be able to fight that, and end up with a new America.

Regardless of what the evangelicals have programmed you with, God is not going to punish us with a brutal apocalypse if we stand up and fight against it.