Welp. We Lost Virginia.

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 8, 2017

I virgenuinely did not see this coming.

Especially right in the middle of the Donna Brazile scandal.

The Hill:

Democratic candidates swept the three major statewide elections in Virginia on Tuesday, signaling a boon for the party after a series of losses in House races earlier this year.

Democrat Justin Fairfax edged out state Sen. Jill Vogel (R) in Virginia’s lieutenant gubernatorial race on Tuesday, while Democratic state Attorney General Mark Herring held onto his office, according to The Washington Post.

The wins add to a mounting tally for Democrats in the commonwealth as the party celebrated Ralph Northam’s victory in the gubernatorial election.

With about 95 percent of precincts reporting, Fairfax was expected to narrowly beat Vogel and Herring was comfortably ahead of Republican John Adams, according to The Post.

The wins added to Democrats’ momentum in the state Tuesday night. Virginia’s 2017 elections – particularly the gubernatorial race – were closely watched as early indicators of how President Trump could affect the 2018 midterm elections.

Fairfax, an Annandale, Va., attorney, raised some $3.9 million in the race, according to the Post, narrowly trailed by Vogel, who came in at $3.7 million.

In winning the lieutenant governorship, Fairfax has become only the second African American to be elected to statewide office in Virginia.

I think that Ed Gillespie not using Donald Trump on the campaign was a big part of the loss.

Of course, the Jewish media is going to say the opposite of that – that Trump caused him to lose. But Trump is popular and his base is the most likely to go out and vote in weird off-year elections.

Without Trump involved, many would not even be aware of the relevance of this election.

Of course, that wouldn’t even have mattered if it weren’t for the demographics change.

And perhaps the change in the law allowing felons to vote helped a little bit as well.

Gillespie was an old Bush-type Republican who apparently genuinely believes that you can win elections as a Republican without appealing directly to whites.

This having all been said, I do not think this foreshadows the mid-terms coming up in 2018.

I feel confident that we are going to win in those, big. And more importantly, that we are going to remove some of the cucks from the GOP in the primaries, and make it possible for Trump to push through the agenda.

Gillespie was not /ourguy/, so this is not a direct loss for us. It is an indirect loss for us, however, as he is a member of the party of /ourguys/.

Whites are going to have to mobilize big time in 2018.

After those elections, we will know where we stand moving forward. We are going to hit a hard wall of demographics in the not too distant future, however. We are quickly approaching our last chance to pull-off the big win.

After that, we’re just going to have to start prepping for the race war.