Welp, There Goes Teddy Roosevelt…

Teddy Roosevelt is being torn down at the Museum of Natural History in New York.

He’s a symbol of colonialism, you see.

The obvious problem with all of this is that every white male who was born before let’s say 1978 is a symbol of one or the other of these buzzwords, which means that absolutely everything is going to be torn down. All of it. All white history is going to be removed and overwritten with “we invented peanut butter” and such things.

Wait… that’s not right… Google is run by white supremacists!

The blacks invented peanut butter! I was taught this in school! The National Peanut Board is run by white supremacy! They must be opposed! We must tear down all of the statues of Marcellus Gilmore Edson for his crimes against the true legacy of the blacks!

Point being: this has nothing to do with black people. We are presently undergoing a full cultural revolution, no different than what happened in Russia after the Jews took control. They are doing “year zero” and deleting everything that came before, and this is happening right now, and no one seems to really understand it.

Well, they understand it in theory, but they haven’t grasped that it is happening right now, and we’re all sitting here watching it.

It is absolutely incredible that the leaders of the Republican Party remain silent. That is the part that is most difficult to process of all of this.

Teddy Roosevelt isn’t allowed. And this is not a mob – the National Museum of History is voluntarily taking down the statue. This is the main statue at the front of the building.

What we all need to start trying to wrap our heads around is that the next part of this story is mass killing. That is coming and it is coming faster than you think. If Donald Trump loses the election – and it is looking like he almost certainly will – the killing is going to start on a national scale.

Everyone needs to get ready. Think about moving outside of the city.

They are going to target all of us. Everyone who doesn’t bend down to the blacks, or whatever the symbol of the revolution is in a few months, will be targeted for death. The government won’t do the killings, but they won’t protect you and they won’t investigate when your mutilated corpse turns up in your backyard. They will have people on TV saying, “well, these whites who are dying, I guess they should have thought of that before they disrespected blacks.”

I’m sorry that this is happening but it is just the situation. The good news is that this new system they’re creating will be unsustainable in the long run. So we will figure something out. But a lot of people are going to die before that.