Well, This is Ironic

A “dystopia” is the opposite of a utopia. All ideologies seek to create a utopia, which is why all ideologies eventually lead to a dystopia, if they are fully implemented. (Ideology is a relatively new concept, and thus far, no ideology has been fully implemented.)

The word is generally associated with science fiction, but it is more and more being used to describe the virus regime, as no other term quite works.

I recently noted that Sandy Cortez used the term “dystopian capitalist nightmare” whilst stumping for the Jeff Bezos $15 minimum wage agenda.

I was interested to see who else in the media had used the term “dystopia” before the dawn of the virus regime, and what the context was.

Look at this:

That is the New York Times, last year, promoting the idea that Donald Trump of all people was going to create a police state – and that it would be “dystopian.”

The piece is written by Philip Atiba Goff, who is a… professor of policing equity.

Goff is a quadroon, and given the surname and his behavior, I would assume that most of the remaining 75% of his genes are Jewish. He might actually just be a Mexican pretending to be a quadroon so he can hustle that college money.

That’s just whatever. No one is going to read this article past the first two paragraphs anyway, because it is clearly a stupid conspiracy theory masked in crude, insulting psychobabble. The content of it is the claim that Donald Trump was, last year, creating a plan to encourage cops to murder black people on purpose.

What’s important is the headline, which I assume, unlike the article, a lot of people read.

This was published on October 20 of last year. Imagine it. After the lunatic coronavirus hoax had been going for the better part of a year, with people locked in their houses, and then Antifa/The Blacks had burned down virtually every city in America with the police standing by watching, this guy comes out and says Donald Trump is creating the real dystopia.

Now, we’ve got Joe Biden, and…

Literal dystopian police state.

From what I’m hearing, it’s not just the national Capitol, but capital cities all around the country that are now deploying military for supposed “counterterrorism.”

It is truly “dystopian” in the actual sense of the word, given that there is literally no threat. They are claiming that there is a secret underground group of QAnoners and Proud Boys that is planning to – to what? To launch a physical takeover of the government?

That’s on top of the fact that you already have the Party Police going into people’s houses and preventing them from gathering together.

None of this has anything to do with black people, who proved they are an actual threat that would warrant a police state when they burned down all of those cities. It’s all related to a bizarre theory that the media has presented.

As a reader notedย regarding the fact that only 28% of whites (AKA “unmarried white women”) believe George Floyd was “murdered”:

Antifa-BLM terrorized every major American city, in addition to towns and suburbs, from late May through September. They injured thousands, murdered hundreds and lit fire to anything within reach. Neither the police or national guard ever used live rounds on the assailants. Fortune 500 companies and elected government officials bailed them out and praised their actions. The judiciary refused to press charges. The media claims this event did not take place.

On January 6th 2020 a few hundred Trump voters protested in front of the capital building. Capitol police told them to come inside. Once inside the protestors vandalized the building. 4 Trump protestors die, one having her neck blown out. This event is portrayed as 9/11. The media runs FBI mugshots of normal, wholesome Americans 24/7. Everyone arrested is charged. The arrested are treated like enemy war combatants.

Imagine that now, there actually is a dystopian police state, and the same people promoting the fantasy of a Trumpian police state support this current police state – because of a different fantasy.

What is difficult to come to terms with is this: the left, the media, the Jews and their supporters literally do not care about facts. They literally only care about their agenda, and they will make up any fantasy that supports their agenda.

How can they have an agenda if they don’t care about facts?

Well – you’re looking at it.